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Laboratory Office Furniture Design Concept

Apr 23, 2019

Many friends said that your BOKA is just a design laboratory? Such a friend of the person would not understand our BOKA brand too much. Our BOKA is not only a design laboratory, we are a one-stop service platform, as long as we are related to the laboratory. All inclusive. Then Xiaobian will talk to you about how we design the concept of laboratory office furniture.

lab furniture-4.2

I. Design and manufacture

Trends and connotations: relying on professional expression and perfection, giving design a strong vitality.

Second, to undertake the principle of ergonomics

Undertake ergonomics to fit the natural form of the human body, close to the physiological and mental needs of the design concept, through the study of posture and human burden, not designed to provide optimization basis, to reduce fatigue and occupational diseases, thereby improving work efficiency and cost savings, and strive for perfection .

Third, create a quality laboratory office environment

Focusing on the harmony between office product customization and laboratory design, taking into account the improvement of the human environment and the improvement of production height, the core concept is always in design, and the integration of furniture and laboratory environment is strived to create a unique design and manufacturing. Benchmark height.

Fourth, green environmental protection is around us

Committed to the improvement of the environment, taking the ring as the responsibility, pursuing the harmony between people and the environment, through the whole process of product design, manufacturing, packaging and delivery, our products have effective functional elements, which are in line with energy-saving adaptation. Environmental requirements for recycling.