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Laboratory Purification Laboratory Remodeling Design Engineering

May 10, 2018

The laboratory environment is a special environment for scientific research and production. Because of the requirements of its functional configuration and the need for operating methods, it is necessary to achieve the final results through laboratory construction planning, laboratory purification technologies, and design concepts. The First, the overall plan should fully consider the size of the laboratory and the area occupied by various instruments and equipment, and use the overall space for laboratory decoration; The Second, the functional configuration is based on customer requirements and the required job content, select the configuration of the experimental cabinet and the overall configuration of the water, electricity, gas, and fume hoods for laboratory design;

3. The overall workflow of laboratory renovation must consider the interrelationship between laboratories and laboratories, providing simplicity, convenience, and optimality. The Fourth, people-oriented safety laboratory design layout, provide high-quality laboratory workbench, environmental protection and intelligent design; The 5. Aspects, efficient, and safe laboratory purification system will exclude airborne particulates, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, pressure, airflow speed and airflow distribution, noise and vibration and lighting, static control Decontamination works within a certain range of requirements.

Sixth, low-cost starting from the actual situation, according to different types of customer needs, with different materials, different structures, adapt to different working environments, meet the current requirements, to adapt to future development. The Since most users do not know much about the performance, testing and detection of safety cabinets and clean benches in biosafety laboratories, they have created a blind spot for these instruments. However, sometimes these blind spots will cause fatal harm. Whether the clean bench or the safety cabinet just measures the safety according to the wind speed is not sufficient. The standard testing and certification rules guarantee the reliability of the inspection and ensure the safety performance of the safety cabinet.