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Laboratory Renovation Design

May 14, 2018

First, the laboratory's classification and responsibilities:

The laboratory is an analytical laboratory that has all the different properties in schools, factories, and research institutes.

The laboratory of the school is a teaching base for students for analytical chemistry experiments, and the other is an analytical chemistry research laboratory for scientific research.

The factory has a central laboratory and a workshop laboratory. The laboratory laboratory mainly undertakes the control analysis of finished products and semi-finished products in the production process. The Central Laboratory is mainly responsible for the analysis of raw materials and product quality inspection tasks. It also undertakes tasks such as analysis method research, improvement, promotion tasks, and preparation and calibration of standard solutions used in laboratory laboratories.

In addition to carrying out test tasks for scientific research projects, laboratory laboratories of scientific research institutes also conduct research work on analytical chemistry.

Second, laboratory decoration design requirements:

According to the needs of the experimental task, the laboratory decoration includes precious precision instruments and various chemicals, including flammable and corrosive drugs. In addition, harmful gases or vapors are often generated in the operation. Therefore, there are special requirements for the housing structure, environment, and indoor facilities of the laboratory, which should be taken into account when planning to build a new laboratory or renovating an existing laboratory.

Laboratory rooms are roughly divided into three categories: precision instrument laboratories, chemical analysis laboratories, and auxiliary rooms (offices, storage rooms, cylinders, etc.).

Laboratories are required to be kept away from dust, smoke, noise and sources of vibration. Laboratory rooms should therefore not be built near traffic arteries, boiler rooms, machine rooms and production workshops (except for laboratory laboratories). In order to maintain good weather conditions, it should generally be north-south.