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Laboratory Renovation Requirements In Different Industries

Aug 17, 2018

The laboratory decoration design of different industries is different. Below BOKA, we will briefly introduce the differences between the two.


1. School

Large-scale, high standardization, low technical content, and relatively simple structure. Chemical laboratories and physical laboratories are the mainstays. Some colleges and universities (such as medicine and food) have some clean laboratories that require air quality.

2, disease control

Professional and technical. The laboratory has certain harmfulness, and it has strict requirements on people, logistics, earthquake resistance, wastewater, ventilation, air quality, and so on. Particular attention should be paid to the differential pressure control of biosafety laboratories, as well as to the treatment of ventilation exhaust gases and the prevention of cross-contamination of systems.

3. Chemical industry

The chemical laboratory is the main one, so the exhaust system and waste gas treatment are particularly important in such laboratories. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the laboratory power distribution. Some laboratories should have explosion-proof design requirements.

4, biology

The biological laboratory is dominated by clean laboratories, the most common of which are molecular biology laboratories and microbiology laboratories. Such laboratories should pay attention to whether the experimental objects are harmful and correctly determine the safety level of the laboratory; Sexuality to prevent cross-contamination between each other;

5, medical

Hospital laboratories undertake inspection, teaching, research and development projects, and most of the experiments targeted are harmful, such as HIV, molecular biology (PCR), etc., especially some infectious bacteria, so such laboratories should Have a good exhaust system and do not cross-contamination with each other.

6, food

With the improvement of people's cultural awareness, more and more attention has been paid to food and food issues, and healthy and scientific foods are receiving more and more attention from the people. Food safety issues are getting more and more attention. Strict control of the quality of food has become an important means for food processing companies and related testing institutions. The physical and chemical properties of foods, nutrient composition analysis, bacterial content, etc. are all important control objectives of the food industry laboratory.

7, electronic

Because of the variety of products involved, such laboratories are built according to the research objectives of the manufacturers; therefore, their layout is diversified.

8, water

Water is the source of life. The detection of microbiological, toxicological, sensory traits, general chemical indicators, radioactive indicators, etc. of water quality is an important guarantee for ensuring water quality.

9. Testing and certification institutions

The diversity of experiments determines the variety of laboratories, clean, ventilated, air-conditioned (including constant temperature and humidity), physical and chemical, chemical and so on.

10. Agriculture

Including grazing, breeding, flowers, plant research, etc., usually using soil and air, water source for detection of objects, such as Qi Xiang, liquid Xiang, bacteria test. Some projects have stricter temperature and humidity requirements (such as flower research).

11. Medicine

Focusing on drug testing and research and development, the proportion of purification laboratories plays an important role in the laboratory. The laboratory shall be constructed in strict accordance with the relevant GMP regulations.

12. Public security system

The public security system's laboratories mainly include: forensic pathological damage, forensic evidence, DNA, poisoning, trace evidence, traces, criminal photography, fingerprints, bullets, documents, explosions, etc. The conclusions will provide evidence for the court and related to citizens. The protection of rights and justice. Among them, in the autopsy laboratory, exhaust gas exhaust and exhaust gas treatment.

13. Metallurgy, geology and mining

Such laboratories mainly analyze the composition of minerals, and a large amount of acid and alkali are used in the experiment. Therefore, good corrosion resistance design and good ventilation effect are particularly important; in addition, during the heating process of mineral decomposition, etc. A large number of high temperature experimental processes are produced, so high temperature resistance is also the focus of such laboratory design. For the dust generated in the pulverization of minerals, the method of mechanical ventilation and dust removal can be adopted; the exhaust gas such as acid and alkali generated in the experiment can be treated by water spray treatment.

Summary: It can be seen that the span of the laboratory field is very large, and each type of laboratory is very special, so it is necessary to have a professional design team to tailor the laboratory.

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