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Laboratory Socket Purchase Precautions

Aug 02, 2018

Electricity safety is a common topic in laboratory safety. For the problem of new sockets reflected by customers, BOKA Xiaobian reminds everyone today that they should pay attention to the problems when selecting sockets to avoid safety problems during use.

Many of the laboratory instruments are high-powered, and the sockets are all 16A sockets. But soon the problem came out. In fact, the lab's patch panel and most of the instruments are 10A jacks, and the 16A is somewhat large. This is how to deal with such problems.


The socket of Fig. 16A belongs to a high-power socket, and only the equipment such as muffle furnace, sterilization pot, air conditioner and the like are needed in the laboratory. But there are many times when there is such a problem. The lab is all the socket of Figure 10A, but the power cord of the instrument is replaced by 10A. Note: The hole pitch of the 10A socket is about 8 mm, and the hole pitch of the 16A socket is about 10 Millimeter.

Many instruments in the laboratory are imported instruments. In the early years, China did not have the national standard for sockets. In order to meet the needs of everyone, the company produced universal sockets. The advantage of the universal socket is that the power cords of the European and American countries can be used. But the disadvantage is that the socket is easy to break and is not safe for children.

There are so many instruments in our lab that their power cords can't find the patch panel, or there will be no patch panels available this year. If the power cord is the active power cord, we can choose to replace it.

However, if the power cord and the machine are all-in-one, there is a problem, and only the surgical method can be selected for cutting and replacement. If you are in Europe and the United States, this is a recall!

This also reminds us of the need to pay attention to the laboratory's socket. When the laboratory enters the instrument, it must check the power cord of the instrument. Only the power cord that meets our national standards is a qualified power cord. I saw a message on the Internet and shared it with you:

When the staff conducted on-site inspection of a batch of 3D microscopes from the United States, they found that the power plug was a round and two flat American standard plug, which did not meet the requirements of China's mandatory national standards, and there were certain safety hazards.

In this regard, the inspection and quarantine personnel on the spot determined that the batch of 3D microscope failed, and issued a "inspection and quarantine treatment notice", requiring enterprises to effectively rectify the equipment plug.

Laboratory safety is no small matter "socket"

Today's theme may be a little bit, but Boca hopes to help everyone's work. These problems are issues outside the experiment and are issues that we need to be concerned about.

The double-hole line has no grounding wire, which is only suitable for mobile phone chargers, hair dryers, razors, table lamps and other low-power appliances, or electric blankets and other types of electrical appliances with insulation protection. We saw that many of the lab's instruments were artificially removed from the ground wire, which is very unsafe.

Laboratory, water, electricity, ventilation are the key problems that are often encountered, and are also three important systems for laboratory construction. If you have a need, please contact Guangzhou Boka Laboratory System Technology Co., Ltd.