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Laboratory Table Proper Care And Cleaning Method

Apr 13, 2018

Laboratory table proper care and cleaning method

A laboratory design company stated that the countertop is the most vulnerable part of the laboratory's work process, and therefore proper daily maintenance and maintenance are essential.

   Specific attention is as follows:

      1. Do not directly contact the surface of the table with overheated glassware, gas stoves, alcohol stoves, or molten metals above 180 degrees Celsius, cremations, or other objects that cannot be known with temperature;

      2. Don't let the sulfuric acid and nitric acid with the concentration higher than 96% come in contact with the table for a long time (more than 4 hours);

      3, the experiment is completed, remember to wipe the table clean, so as to avoid residual acid and alkali caused by prolonged contact damage;

      4, the table is recommended to use warm water, acetone or mild detergent cleaning. Do not use abrasive, strong acid, or alkaline cleaners to damage the tabletop. For countertops with stubborn stains, wash the surface with hypochlorous acid and rinse immediately with clean water