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Laboratory Ventilation System Requirements

Jun 22, 2020

The ventilation design requirements of the laboratory ventilation and comfortable air conditioning system are different. The main purpose is to provide a safe and comfortable working environment and reduce the possibility of personnel being exposed to dangerous air. Ventilation mainly involves the physical health and labor protection of laboratory personnel in the working environment.

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  Ventilation in the laboratory of the inspection department requires that all fresh air comes from the outside, and then it is 100% exhausted outdoors. The exhaust of the fume hood is not in the indoor circulation. The laboratory ventilation requirements of the chemical inspection department exceed 10 times/h, the laboratory ventilation requirements of the physical inspection department are more than 10 times/h, and the laboratory ventilation time of the laboratory is shortened to 6 times/h. The design of the laboratory fume hood of the laboratory is sufficient, and it is not the only indoor exhaust device. There is a local exhaust system above the instrument room or the equipment that generates hazardous substances.

  Part of the air supply of the laboratory of the laboratory is from the air-conditioning system, which is sent directly to the laboratory of the laboratory. This part of the fresh air changes according to the change of the laboratory air exhaust; the other part is sent to the aisle and room of the non-testing laboratory area through the air conditioning system and then supplied through the door of the laboratory. The negative pressure of the laboratory of the inspection department is realized by the arrangement of the supply and exhaust air volume and the supply and exhaust vents. The air flow organization ranges from offices, management rooms, internal aisles, and rooms that generate hazardous materials. The location of the fume hood is located away from the air flow and turbulence, away from the walking area and the fresh air area. Fresh air is introduced from the side away from the fume hood, and the air flow path is away from the fume hood.

  The laboratory ventilation system of the laboratory will be affected by the operation of the internal fume hood of the laboratory and the laboratory of the laboratory. After being affected, the ventilation effect will be very chaotic. Such an environment will have a great potential safety hazard and will not work properly. The protection of personnel and specimens is safe, so we must also consider many factors that control the ventilation effect of the laboratory of the laboratory to eliminate hidden safety hazards. The ventilation control technology of the laboratory of the small laboratory of the laboratory department will be updated in the future. I hope everyone can look forward to the update. In addition, if the ventilation system has a smell, the ventilation system must be modified as soon as possible.