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Let The Hospital Lab Furniture More Humane

Sep 01, 2017

Let the hospital Lab Furniture more humane
  Now we no matter what to buy, will first consider the issue of environmental protection, in the laboratory, especially in the purchase of Lab Furniture, should pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, but in most cases, do not know how environmentally friendly Lab Furniture in the end should choose Today, how to help you choose environmentally friendly Lab Furniture.
(1) all the wood Lab Furniture must contain low formaldehyde, and some customers believe that solid wood Lab Furniture in the paint less harmful material content, the material itself can be considered environmentally friendly, so it will think that all wood furniture must be very environmentally friendly, in fact, this understanding Is the wrong, the use of solid wood and artificial mixed wood Lab Furniture, in the internal particleboard and the fiberboard will produce formaldehyde, in addition, and then the use of high quality wood glue, paint will also contain formaldehyde, also It will involve the formaldehyde content exceeded the problem.
(2) light color furniture containing less harmful substances, according to experience, most customers believe that the color of the Lab Furniture due to color, will use heavy metals, paint the more bright and bright, that Lab Furniture The higher the lead content. This knowledge is wrong, at present, the state for the Lab Furniture products are containing stringent requirements are strict, as long as customers in the regular test bench manufacturers to buy Lab Furniture products, there will be no lead Excessive situation.
(3) Lab Furniture in the low content of formaldehyde must be environmentally friendly, most customers will think that low formaldehyde content of Lab Furniture is a certain environmental protection, this view is too one-sided, Lab Furniture, environmental protection not only contains formaldehyde, There are benzene, heavy metal lead and other factors, consumers in the purchase, be sure to check the relevant aspects of quality testing report.
Many manufacturers for the hospital Lab Furniture design is always ring back to those before the template, according to the traditional style to copy, the only change is the size, that design is not called the design, but can not bring people freshness.
Hospital Lab Furniture design is not only refers to the process modeling, but also consider the structure of the process and line shape, and the most appropriate material into the design, because the material and the implementation of the process, as well as the style of presentation has an important relationship, so do not stick The traditional design ideas also include the application of material eclectic, of course, this should be based on scientific and rational basis, can not blindly pursue the design of freedom, so as to avoid the product in terms of function and life is lacking.
Adhere to the rules of the copy of the previous template, the most likely to rely on thinking, most of the domestic homogenization of the phenomenon can prove this point. Many factories do not want to devote themselves to independent research and development design, that imitate the market those hot items will be more efficient, which is the field of Lab Furniture designed to develop the traditional habits, so far this habit has not been well improved, In addition to some of the strength of the manufacturers are willing to spend time and energy to develop their own design team, most manufacturers are also followed the trend of the market to eat, why is it because it is too traditional in the design, so that is not suited to the current market Environment, in order to compete can only rely on imitation and reference.
There are many imitation of foreign technology, but are mainly to imitate the results of the main design process and ideas, but few people to imitate, let alone to study the design. Hospital Lab Furniture design should not stick to the traditional, but not too much to imitate other people's design, which will imitate the formation of tradition.