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Material And Price Of Steel-wood Experimental Bench

Sep 26, 2018

In laboratory furniture, it is the test bench that is used more frequently. Faced with so many manufacturers and merchants in the market, customers can't help but consider the price issue while solving the purchase of the experimental bench. So, what is the market price of the experimental bench in general? Shaanxi Hongshuo introduces it to everyone today. Details of the test bench.

Steel wood test bench

1. Countertop (optional)

Solid core physics and chemistry board, epoxy resin board, Trespa, ceramic board, marble board

2. Cabinet

Cabinet door: laboratory-specific E1 grade environmental protection sheet, cut surface with high quality 2mm PVC edge banding glue sealing edge waterproof treatment. Requires no warping, no moisture, heat and moisture, firm texture, smooth surface, load-bearing, impact resistance, and certain strength

Hardware: door hinges and slides use domestic quality brands

Handle: stainless steel matte handle, space aluminum handle, engineering plastic handle, aluminum alloy handle

Feet: High-strength injection molded adjustable feet.

lab furniture 9.13.jpg

3. Structural features:

The steel frame is treated with anti-corrosion treatment of the main body, outer diameter pickling, phosphating, etc., and then treated by epoxy resin. The suspended wooden cabinet is structurally stable and has a load-bearing capacity of 400KG per square.

The main standard sizes are: L (long) * 750 (wide) * 830 / 850 (high) L (long) * 600 (wide) * 830 / 850 (high)

Basic details of the above steel-wood test bench. Of course, we VOLAB Volleyball test bench manufacturers, we support custom test benches, so when you have special requirements on the test bench, we can meet your requirements.

Then the market price of the experimental platform with such structure is generally calculated per meter. In addition to the standard configuration, the accessories requiring higher standards also require additional charges. The price of the experimental bench is above 1400 yuan/meter.

There are also a variety of laboratory accessories. To meet the needs of special customers, to replace higher standard accessories in specific places, customers and business personnel need to be contacted to confirm, so as to avoid customers falling into the blind spot of purchase.

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