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Mobile PCR Laboratory Was Produced In Boka

Jun 24, 2020

The shelter mobile PCR laboratory has two combination modes: single cabinet and multiple cabinets. The single cabinet series is supported by the factory's modular integrated molding. "Use and use" does not require secondary installation, and urgent construction should be achieved efficiently. Generally, multiple cabinets are three cabinets, which can be expanded to four cabinets, five cabinets, and six cabinets according to actual needs; three (multi) cabinet series are assembled from three independent cabinets, which are independent of each other. Modular sealed assembly, flexible combination, low site requirements, only a few parking spaces can be put into use. The configuration of the standard square mobile PCR laboratory includes the structure inside the box + the structure outside the box + the laboratory cabinet + the HVAC project. Sewage treatment equipment and instrument consumables are optional.


Standard configuration of shelter mobile PCR laboratory

Cabinet structure

1. The wall is made of 2mm thick reinforced wave steel plate, and the floor panel is made of 3mm thick reinforced wave steel plate, which is suitable for various terrain transportation conditions;

2. Using 6mm thick high-quality steel support frame, stable and durable;

3. Equipped with lifting clips to meet the needs of transportation and have the function of stacking boxes;

4. High-strength outer door, good sealing performance, strong and durable, suitable for all-weather use conditions;

5. The surface is treated with rust removal, anti-rust paint, and three-times spraying of fluorine nitrogen paint, which is durable around the clock.