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Modern Biological Laboratory Design Concept

Aug 15, 2018

The planning and design of a professional, modern biological laboratory at an international level is of paramount importance for a successful modern laboratory facility. The higher the level of biological laboratory facilities and equipment, the more modern, and the higher the level of biological laboratories, the more important it is. Below BOKA will bring you the main content of this article.


Modern biological experiment design concept

1. Maximize respect for the base environment and express respect for the environment - eco-architectural design

Based on the full analysis of the status quo, the design concept of the building as the background of the environment in the concept of the plan, the individual buildings are contained in the environment.

2. Forward-looking design philosophy The biological laboratory has the following characteristics:

Flexibility: Every lab has enough room to house instruments and equipment. Individual panels can also independently control their respective uses so that the module configuration does not have to be changed without having to affect the relevant laboratory.

Economics: The laboratory considers the division of efficiency for protection, work and configuration, thus avoiding waste of area and space.

Scalability: A laboratory system based on a modular form of reusable structure and a reusable operating system that enables the necessary shrinkage and expansion without sacrificing functionality or impacting the relevant laboratory.

Safety: The regional configuration within the laboratory needs to be divided according to its potential level of danger. The storage location of the smoke shield and acid and flammable materials and the space allocated for the biosafety bin will be placed in the higher hazard zone at the back of the laboratory (away from the exit). A certain amount of space and adequate waste passages will be used to create a second layer of protection for the higher hazard belts. Each laboratory's low-risk zone will be used to arrange a variety of dry countertop activities such as writing desks, computers and instruments. The wet countertop activity was placed in the middle danger zone.

Unobstructed: Laboratory walkways and entrances and exits will provide easy access to action and provide access to relevant domestic regulations.

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