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Need To Pay Attention To The Laboratory Installation?

Nov 22, 2018

The installation of laboratory furniture has mastered certain methods and techniques. Simple equipment can also be installed manually by hand. In this case, we will talk about the laboratory furniture to be dismantled when disassembling it today. The laboratory furniture is disassembled from the old laboratory. What should I pay attention to in the new lab? The small series of BOKA laboratory furniture is as follows.

lab furniture11.22

1. Before destroying the assembly, pay attention to whether the experimental instruments in the furniture can be empty, such as glassware, various chemical formulas and other dangerous and fragile goods. Once dropped, not only simple damage, but also may become employee casualties.

2. Some furniture products in the laboratory are customized by the manufacturer. These custom-made furniture are custom-made in the space size, so the disassembly and assembly may be less, if the space size in the new laboratory is not 1. It is advisable to consider the furniture to be moved or moved one-sidedly.

3. In the process of disassembly and assembly of furniture, it may touch the abnormality of the accessories, such as handles, screws, etc., may wish to implement special customization to the manufacturer.

4. During the process of disassembly and assembly of furniture, it is forbidden to control in violation of regulations. For example, when disassembling furniture cabinets, forcibly opening the plates, disassembling and installing fragile furniture such as glass door handles, using electric drills, etc., it is necessary to send laboratory furniture. contusion.

I used to explain how to install laboratory furniture. Today, BOKA briefly explains what to notice when disassembling laboratory furniture.