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New Mobile PCR Laboratory Is Coming

Jul 30, 2020

Mobile PCR laboratory

Combining the actual situation of the epidemic situation, China quickly launched a cabin-type PCR nucleic acid detection laboratory, a movable cabin PCR nucleic acid detection laboratory, a mobile cabin PCR nucleic acid detection laboratory, a mobile sampling vehicle, and a movable cabin fever clinic, etc., suitable for special The rapid deployment of nucleic acid testing under the circumstances provides effective strategies and methods for places where PCR laboratory cannot be modified.


         These shelter mobile PCR laboratories are new products derived from the new crown epidemic and are produced in strict accordance with the construction standards of nucleic acid testing laboratories. Their biggest advantages are qualified, reasonable, and short construction period. Customers who need to build nucleic acid testing PCR laboratories only It is necessary to prepare an outdoor vacant area, such as parking lot, idle green space, etc. The assembled nucleic acid detection PCR laboratory produced by BOKA LAB SYSTEM has completed the complex assembly of a single container in the factory according to the standard, and only needs to go to the site to complete the simple Just place and assemble. This not only solves the problem of insufficient laboratory area, but also better solves the pollution risk.