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Physical Laboratory Equipment Standards

Jun 13, 2018

School physics laboratory equipment standards


(I) Requirements for laboratory setup

1 Physics Laboratory

2 Physics Exploration Laboratory

3 Physical Instrument Preparation Room

(B) The number of laboratories (including the inquiry room)

The new laboratory building and the whole relocated school should fully consider the number of classes in the laboratory planning. According to the development needs and the requirements of the curriculum reform to the exploratory experiment, the number of laboratories should be appropriately increased and there should be some room for it.

(III) General requirements for laboratories

1, the use of the laboratory area: 90 ~ 110m2 / room, students are not less than 1.8m2. It is recommended to use more than 120 m2 of laboratory exploration area. (Note: The area of the old-fashioned building should not be less than 86m2)

2. Location: The laboratory (building) shall be oriented towards the building, indoors shall avoid direct sunlight, and the main lighting surface shall be located on the left side of the student's seat. The laboratory (building) is to be built on the ground (or on the ground).

3, lighting: the use of natural light and auxiliary lighting. The average illuminance of the teacher's demonstration table and student's experiment table should not be lower than 300 Lx. The writing blackboard should have partial illumination. The average value of the vertical illuminance should not be less than 200 Lx, and the illuminance uniformity on the blackboard should not be lower than 0.7. The desktop of the experiment was not exposed to direct sunlight, and there was no visible glare in the room. The hanging height of the lamp should not be less than 1700mm from the experimental tabletop, and curtains should be installed.

4. Ventilation conditions: natural ventilation and exhaust fan forced ventilation

5, noise control: indoor environment noise should be less than 60 decibels.

6, the temperature: the indoor temperature is not higher than 30 °C is appropriate, room temperature is too high should use the instrument cooling.

7, water supply: At least design a water source. Water supply indicator: The water supply pressure is not lower than 2×105Pa. Pipes with winter temperatures below 0°C should have antifreeze measures.

8. Power supply: There should be room for electricity load to meet the increasing needs of modern teaching equipment; laying strong and weak wires according to specifications, laying air-conditioning special lines, installing leakage overload protectors and reliable grounding protection.

Standard with power type test table: The stage is equipped with single-phase AC (220v), three-phase four-wire (380V) and low-voltage AC and DC power; among them: low-voltage AC set: 2~24V continuously adjustable, rated current 6A; voltage regulator DC 1.5 ~24V continuously adjustable, rated current 5A, set leakage protection. The student experiment table is equipped with single-phase 220V two- and three-hole sockets.

9. Plane design requirements of the laboratory: The horizontal distance between the front row of the first row of experimental tables and the blackboard should not be less than 2500mm, the horizontal viewing angle of the students sitting on the side and the far side of the blackboard should not be less than 30o; the trailing distance of the last row of experimental tables. The back wall should not be less than 1200mm, and the horizontal distance from the blackboard should not be greater than 11000mm.

10, security conditions: equipped with fire, moisture, anti-theft and other equipment.

11, environmental protection: the new construction, reconstruction, expansion of the laboratory to use environmentally friendly materials, should comply with the relevant standards in the limited value, to avoid formaldehyde, benzene, helium and other harmful gases and radioactive contamination.

12. Environment: The layout of the laboratory environment in each subject should have a high cultural quality, and the features of the subjects should be highlighted to create a good scientific research, exploration and academic atmosphere, which has an enlightening effect.

13. As an open laboratory, the inquiry laboratory shall be equipped with appropriate specialized apparatus and equipment and computer and digital experimental data collection and analysis systems (such as sensors, data collectors, application analysis software, etc.) according to the school curriculum, and be advanced. Modern experimental instruments provide students with independent scientific inquiry experiments.