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Precautions During The Installation Of The Laboratory Fume Hood

Sep 01, 2017

Precautions during the installation of the laboratory Fume Hood
     In the laboratory construction, select the Fume Hood and determine the installation location of the Fume Hood, according to the experimental content to select the type of Fume Hood, material, shape, etc., usually consider the following:
      First, the use of drugs: When the use of organic matter or other special reagents experiments, to fully consider its control wind speed. Heat source: When using a heat source device, the heat of more than 2000 kcal / hour to consider the amount of ventilation required to remove the ventilation to determine the power of the fan.
     Second, there are radioactive substances or perchloric acid and other experiments: to use a dedicated Fume Hood, the wind speed must be set to more than 0.5m / s.
     Third, the use of large equipment for the experiment: to consider the effective size of the internal, leaving the necessary space for the exhaust.
     Fourth, the material: the use of special acid experiments, to consider the Fume Hood materials, such as the semiconductor industry, corrosion industry, etc. must be made of corrosion-resistant materials.
     Fifth, the size of the Fume Hood: According to the experimental content of its choice of size, too much size caused by waste, too small to use.
     6, the safety cabinet has an environmental protection: the discharge of harmful gases must ensure that less than the national environmental requirements, if more than the national health standards, should install the appropriate purification device.
     7, save energy: try to consider saving energy, in a heating or air-conditioned room should be used to fill the wind-shaped Fume Hood or choose the air volume control of the Fume Hood. In the choice of fans, but also according to the need to determine its power, should not blindly increase the exhaust volume and pressure, can be used inverter or variable wind speed fan to reduce power consumption.
     8, the location of the Fume Hood should be avoided for the road and personnel through frequent venues, to avoid clogging the windows and ventilation and light of the unfavorable place, to avoid blocking the entrance of the door switch place, to avoid the opposite or placed in the corner of the wall. In modern research laboratories, advanced scientific instruments, perfect laboratory equipment, a good experimental environment is to enhance the level of science and technology, to promote scientific research results of the necessary conditions. People - oriented, to ensure safety and improve efficiency is the biggest mission of laboratory construction. Fume Hood as a biochemical laboratory important experimental facilities have a pivotal role, it must seriously choose to meet the technical indicators of the Fume Hood. Unit sheet down the cost of the installation of the Fume Hood, if caused harm, the consequences could be disastrous, Fume Hood of the functionality and security, should cause people to pay enough attention.
 The Fume Hood has an important position in the use of the laboratory. He has the responsibility of protecting the safety of laboratory staff. Therefore, it needs some precautions when using it. Today, we will give you a detailed explanation.
1. Before the start of the experiment, you must confirm that the Fume Hood should be running in order to carry out the experimental operation.
2. Experiment, do not put any equipment in the 150mm from the glass window, large experimental equipment to have sufficient space, should not affect the flow of air, the front window as far as possible to close the use.
3. At least after the end of the experiment to continue to run for more than 5 minutes before closing the fan to discharge the residual gas in the pipeline. Also consider installing the exhaust time delay to ensure that the fan is running delay.
The most important feature of the Fume Hood is the exhaust function. In the past, the number of Fume Hoods was small, only in the case of particularly harmful and dangerous gases and a large number of hot experiments. The Fume Hood only serves as an auxiliary function for the bench. In recent years, taking into account the improvement of the experimental environment, the experiment carried out on the bench gradually transferred to the Fume Hood, which requires the Fume Hood to have the most suitable for the use of equipment. In particular, most of the new laboratories are required to have air conditioning, so the initial stage of the design of the building will be the use of the number of Fume Hood into the air conditioning system plan.