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Reasonable Laboratory Decoration Design Plan

Jun 04, 2020

There are several starting points for laboratory decoration design. Only from these starting points can laboratory decoration be of value.

Safe and reliable: consider from all angles of function layout, airflow control, intelligent monitoring, emergency fire control, system management, etc. to ensure the safety of office experimenters, samples, data, instruments, systems and the environment.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Focusing on the design of power saving, air conditioning, ventilation and energy saving, the three waste treatments are optimized to meet Samsung’s green building standards, energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, low carbon environmental protection, and people-oriented.

Advanced avant-garde: Refer to the implementation of European, American and national standards, integrate with international cutting-edge technology, forward-looking design, fully consider the needs of testing projects, testing instruments and testing technology to expand and update, and realize the humanization, intelligence and integration of control.

Atmospheric and beautiful: To fully display the industry characteristics and regional customs, the atmosphere is beautiful, pay attention to color matching, space conversion, and environment shaping, and differentiate the design for different functional requirements to meet the requirements of the human body, samples and instruments.