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Routine Maintenance And Service Rules For Laboratory Equipment

Mar 22, 2018

The routine maintenance and maintenance of laboratory equipment is an important part of equipment technology management. Its purpose is to prolong the service life of instruments and equipment, maintain its good performance and accuracy, and is to prevent the normal operation of experimental equipment as much as possible. Protective measures are the basis for guaranteeing the normal and smooth progress of laboratory teaching and scientific research. Therefore, each qualified laboratory should specify certain rules. The following will introduce the routine maintenance and service rules for laboratory equipment.

Article 1. All laboratories must establish a strict post responsibility system. According to the characteristics and requirements of the instruments and equipment used, corresponding maintenance measures should be formulated and implemented in earnest so that the maintenance of instruments and equipment can be regularized and institutionalized.
        Second, we must strengthen the basic operation and training of experimental technicians and students, make them familiar with the performance characteristics of equipment and equipment, master the basic operation methods, to avoid accidents caused by improper operation or mistakes, especially the use of large precision instruments and equipment, to be strict The system of holding certificates is strictly forbidden to operate large-scale precision instruments without training and unqualified personnel.
        Article 3 The maintenance of equipment, spare parts or instruments that need to be sealed for a period of time due to lack of tasks should be regularly cleaned, checked, dust-proofed, rust-proofed, and moisture-proof.

Article 4. Provisions for the maintenance of common instruments and equipment.
        Electronic equipment
        a. It is very important to use electronic equipment to clean regularly, remove dust, and periodically energize it to prevent moisture damage to the components.
        b. Regularly perform site detection and performance testing to understand its technical status and ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition.
        c. Devices that use internal rechargeable batteries to maintain their data or programs should be regularly powered on.
        2. Laboratory environmental conditioning equipment
        a. The anti-settling filter of the air conditioner indoor unit and the dehumidifier shall be cleaned at least once every two months. The outdoor unit shall be regularly maintained and cleaned to improve the heat dissipation effect. This is both a need to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and it is also a need to prevent overload-induced fires and damage to equipment.
        b. Ceiling fans and fans in the laboratory should be regularly cleaned, dusted, and lubricated.