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Smart Lab

May 09, 2018

A smart and amazing experiment room with two green and safe laboratories in the laboratory of science and technology is constructing a beautiful blueprint for scientists' tireless pursuit of science and technology, human intelligence, and the builder's vanadium. The laboratory is the cradle of science and technology. It is a place to gather human auras and civilizations. Intelligently installs a smart brain into the laboratory. It becomes an inseparable friend of humanity. Let us follow Bio Dr. Dr Malluaru into the 21st century B i ol ab on e The labs share the future of intelligent laboratories in the future. Biophysicist Dr M a r c u a is the head of the Bi O l a b o n e company's science scholar. After the holiday period ends, he returns to the center of research and development in B i o l a b o n e. On the way to the center of research and development, Dr M a r c u a checked the working environment of the laboratory through the mobile phone G P S, and adjusted the air temperature index of the optimal temperature humidity and light brightness detector to replace the new air.

Going to the center of the research and development center, the electronic screen on the large hall is being broadcasted with the latest scientific research results. ° four fields e l c o e t o Bi o l a b o n e induction system automatically indicates welcome. Brush card enters the body region experimental subject system automatically detects the working staff body temperature and other health indices If there is abnormal i.e., sound and light alarm issued. Take out the sample from the nursery box. Please do not fill up the database. Through the network, the company will establish biological samples for base samples. Using basic experimental outsourcing services can reduce the number of people who do basic experiments, reduce costs, and increase work efficiency. Real finished test complete detox cabinet automated voice prompt to start Ph.D went induction sense front row poison cabinet should be to take personnel nearly automatically rise window complete operation complete personnel away from detox cabinet Windows automatically reduced in order to reduce energy consumption. Through the intelligent instrument system shared precision instrument headquarters of the remote experiment and discussed as a reduction in the long-distance travel due to the difference cause of discomfort D r Ma r c u intelligent scene a regulating laboratories selected scenes of the most Hometown tone continues with the experts to carry out remote discussion.