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Tendering Laboratory Furniture Procurement

Dec 07, 2018

Among the many projects, the laboratory furniture procurement project is very "rushing". Not only has there been a number of laboratory furniture procurement projects, but it also has a place in the top three. According to industry insiders, laboratory furniture has become a specialized market that has gradually emerged in the process of transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry. In this market, specialized manufacturers are increasingly favored by buyers.

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Laboratory furniture refers to the laboratory experimental console and its ancillary equipment, including the central experimental platform, experimental side, fume hood, reagent cabinet, instrument cabinet, locker, laboratory cabinet, medicine cabinet, laboratory bench, platform, washing Taiwan and so on. Classified by material including all steel, all wood, steel and other types. The countertop can be made of solid physical and chemical slabs, Trespa and other physicochemical panels, or ceramic or epoxy resin panels, sprayed with EFOXY powder to achieve acid, alkali and wear resistance.

Common laboratories include biological laboratories, chemical laboratories, physical laboratories, and mechanical laboratories. According to industry insiders, biological laboratories are functionally required to be non-staining, easy to dust, wear-resistant and anti-pollution; while chemical laboratories need anti-chemical reagents, easy dust removal, uniform color, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and resistance. Concussion, etc.; physical laboratories need to carry heavy loads, impact resistance and high temperature resistance.

Test benches, fume hoods and medicine cabinets are the three most representative pieces of laboratory furniture, and they are more specialized. Among them, the experimental bench is the platform needed for the physical and chemical experiments. According to the position layout in the laboratory, the experimental platform is divided into a central experimental platform and an experimental side platform. Generally speaking, the experimental platform is composed of a frame, a table top, a cabinet, a reagent rack, a test tank, and the like. In order to better ventilate and ventilate during the experiment, the workers in the laboratory are prevented from being exposed to some toxic, pathogenic or toxic chemicals or organisms such as vapors, gases, particulates, smoke, soot, Contaminants such as dust and aerosols require the fume hood to discharge harmful gases and require cleaning and drainage during the experiment. In addition, the medicine cabinet is the main equipment for storing medicines and reagents in laboratory furniture. It is commonly used in experimental fields such as biomedicine, food testing, physical chemistry, environmental science, and chemical analysis of natural energy. According to the material of the product, it can be divided into all-wood all-steel and stainless steel medicine cabinets. According to safety indicators, it can be divided into normal type and pumping. Its purpose is to preserve the most toxic, volatile and volatile items in the laboratory.