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Test Bench And Fume Hood Selection Considerations

May 08, 2018

Test bench and fume hood selection and precautions

     Next I want to talk about the selection of experimental benches and fume hoods.

   In the construction of the laboratory, the selection of the fume hood and the installation position of the fume hood should be based on the contents of the experiment to select the type, material, shape, etc. of the fume hood, which is usually considered. The following content:


     Drugs used: When using organics or other special reagents for experimentation, full consideration should be given to controlling the wind speed. Heat Source: When using a device with a heat source, the amount of heat required to dissipate heat should be taken into consideration when the heat exceeds 2,000 kcal/hour to determine the power of the fan.

When there are experiments with radioactive substances or perchloric acid, for example, a dedicated fume hood must be used, and the inlet wind speed must be set to more than 0.5 m/s.


    When using large equipment for experiments: Consider the effective size of the interior and leave the necessary space for exhaust.


    Material: When using special acid laboratory fume hoods, consider the material of the fume hood, such as the semiconductor industry, the corrosion industry, etc. must be made of corrosion-resistant materials.

 Dimensions: According to the content of the experiment, select its external dimensions, the volume is too large to cause waste, too small to affect the use.


    Environmental protection: if it is necessary to ensure that the harmful gases emitted are lower than the national environmental protection requirements, the corresponding purification devices should be installed if they exceed the national hygiene standards.


    Save energy: Try to save energy as much as possible. Use air-blown fume hoods or select fume hoods with air volume control in rooms with heating or air conditioning. When selecting the ventilator, it is also necessary to determine its power according to the need. It is not appropriate to blindly increase the exhaust volume and pressure, and the power consumption of the inverter or variable air speed fan can be reduced.


In the installation position of the fume hood, avoid facing the roads and people through frequent sites, avoid blocking the windows and places where ventilation and lighting are unfavorable, and avoid obstructing the entrances and exits that affect the opening and closing of the doors, and avoid opposing and placing on the corner walls.

In the modern research laboratory, advanced scientific instruments, perfect experimental equipment, and a good experimental environment are the necessary conditions for improving the level of science and technology and promoting the achievement of scientific research. People-oriented, ensuring safety and improving efficiency are the greatest missions of laboratory construction. The fume hood plays an important role as an important experimental facility in the biochemical laboratory. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the fume hood that satisfies various technical specifications. The function and safety of fume hoods are scrutinized, and if the units are purely one-sided to reduce the cost and the fume hoods are installed, the consequences of such fumes will be disastrous and should attract people's attention.

  Safety is the greatest mission pursued by fume hoods. The use of fume hoods by laboratories is to ensure the safety of users and prevent pollution to the surrounding environment.