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Test Bench Material Is Good Steel Or Good Steel

Jun 05, 2018

At present, test benches are commonly used in steel and steel.

To say that the quality of the material is good or bad, we can't tell whether it is good or bad. We have a long service life. Simply give you a summary of its different features.

1, material and structure

Steel wood bench:

Basically, the steel frame is combined with a wood cabinet. The support of the experimental table is made of epoxy resin after acid-washing and phosphating treatment. The box is generally made of melamine fiber board.

Steel bench:

All are cold rolled steel plate bending, spraying, assembly. Among them, the cabinets are generally made of cold-rolled steel plates that are acid-washed and phosphatized and then sprayed with epoxy resin. They are often divided into floor-standing structures and hanging box structures, and activity box structures.

In addition, due to different customers may be different for the specific use of the experimental platform, must be selected according to the use of materials, such as physical experiments and chemical experiments, the specific requirements of the test bench material is different.

2, the price

The steel-wood experimental bench and the all-steel experimental bench occupy a certain price advantage, and the general steel-wood test bench is lower than the steel test bench.

3, characteristics

In order to facilitate the cleaning, the cabinet and floor of the steel-wood experimental bench will always have a certain gap, so that it will not be in direct contact with the ground. The characteristics of the steel test bench are mainly reflected in the appearance of the atmosphere and beautiful appearance, in addition to the load-bearing performance of the all-steel test bench is also relatively good.

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