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Test Bench Panel Evaluation

Mar 27, 2018

The owner, architect, laboratory manager, or sometimes user, should specify the type of countertop during the initial design phase of the laboratory project. The evaluation of the experimental platform panels should be based on the different needs of each laboratory:
◆Corrosion resistance
◆Heat resistance
◆absorption performance of liquid
◆ Load capacity
◆ Impact and abrasion resistance
◆ The ability to collect and discharge liquids (especially in sink areas and fume hoods)
◆Maintenance convenience
◆ Ergonomic
◆ Practicality
◆ Overall appearance
Special requirements (eg, irregular shapes, minimum seams, etc.)
Each laboratory design will have unique requirements for the laboratory bench, but it must be based on the different types of laboratories. The following are the general principles that must be considered:
◆ Chemical laboratories (eg, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, analysis) should place special emphasis on the chemical resistance of countertops, ease of cleaning, moderate color, load-bearing, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance.
◆ Physical laboratories should place particular emphasis on physical tension, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and heat resistance.
◆ Biological laboratories should place particular emphasis on resistance to contamination, ease of cleaning, abrasion resistance, and resistance to bacterial fungal attack.
◆ Special-purpose laboratories (eg, pathology/haeology and other special biochemical laboratories), which are mainly chemically resistant, should place special emphasis on non-permeability and convenience of cleaning.