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Test Equipment Characteristics

Mar 16, 2018

1, high technological content, complex structure     With the continuous improvement of the product quality requirements of the country, the rapid development of detection technology, the continuous emergence of advanced instruments and equipment, and the continuous upgrading and replacement of old equipment; at the same time, modern testing technology is moving towards multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary intelligence-intensive development. . Many large-scale precision instruments and equipment are embodied in multidisciplinary intelligence such as chemistry, mechanics, electronics, optics, biology, and computers, such as GC/MS and atomic absorption spectrometry. . . 2, many varieties, large quantities     For example, a variety of ultrasonic oscillators, vacuum drying ovens, UV-visible spectrophotometers, optical microscopes, days of equality. . . Such instruments have low unit prices, many varieties, and large quantities, and are suitable for basic inspection tasks. Frequent use leads to aging, which can cause maintenance personnel to bring a lot of workload, and it is difficult to repair them in time, thereby affecting detection. Professional testing equipment and large-scale precision instruments and equipment are few in number, but there are many varieties and high unit prices. Users need to participate in training and testing of instrument manufacturers for induction training. In case of failure, only the maintenance forces in the unit are difficult to repair, and the manufacturer must be contacted for processing. This will inevitably result in a long maintenance cycle, high maintenance prices, and delays in the completion of inspection tasks.