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The Applicable Environment Of The Fume Hood And Its Recent Development

Aug 21, 2017

The applicable environment of the Fume Hood and its recent development

As we all know, the laboratory's most important facilities in addition to the experimental platform, there is ventilation. Because the laboratory of the special environment requires the laboratory must be able to make the experiment produced toxic and harmful gases discharged, will not cause harm to human health. So the construction of ventilation facilities is particularly important.

On the ventilation facilities, the current mainstream of the domestic laboratory with a Fume Hood and so on. Here's a brief introduction to some of the basic situation of this cabinet. This kind of cabinet is also called Fume Hood, detoxification cabinet. Is an indispensable part of laboratory design. In order to test the health and safety of the crowd, the laboratory should have a good ventilation. So that this can be ventilated cabinets will have to prevent the steam, gas, particles, and some of the hazards associated with human health pollutants. This type of cabinet is mainly like this: the following use of experimental side table style, above the table, the following is the cabinet. And such ventilation cabinet materials also have special requirements.

The material is mainly made of a variety of special materials such as steel, steel, wood and so on. And direct contact with the test sample. Usually made of epoxy resin board, physical and chemical plate, ceramic plate, stainless steel plate and other materials. This is much less than the old style of purely made of wood from the cabinet to reduce the cost of manufacturing, occupies the volume and its weight, greatly increasing the load capacity, cost-effective access to a significant increase.

The Fume Hood is usually installed against the wall. Most of the ventilated cabinets are automatically alerted when the exhaust volume is too small. When used by the experimenter only need to stand or sit in front of the cabinet, in the cabinet below the experimental bench on the experimental operation can be. Laboratory type of such cabinet if the characteristics of the points, then there are several: items pumping cabinets, slotted cabinets, bypass cabinets, wind-style cabinets, as well as natural ventilation cabinet.

If the way according to their exhaust points. Can be divided into such a few: the upper exhaust style, the lower exhaust style, the upper and lower at the same time exhaust style. According to the way into the wind can be divided into full-style wind-type cabinets, wind-style cabinets, variable air volume cabinet. It can be seen that the style of ventilation cabinet is very much, the choice must be carefully selected, we can find the right cabinet.

Safety performance for the Fume Hood, is the most need to protect the property, because originally used in the safety field of the Fume Hood if a security incident then the experimental and scientific personnel damage is unthinkable. In many accidents, it is because the Fume Hood failure or temporary collapse led to the laboratory was damaged or cause injury to the situation. So the safety performance of the Fume Hood is the design elements that need to be considered.

In the safety performance design, in addition to regularly replace the purifier inside the Fume Hood and regularly clean the pipeline within the sediment, the shape and internal design also need to consider, in order to make the design of the Fume Hood more scientific and reasonable, must be considered To the elements of the following points: Ventilation cabinet exhaust device should use the slit-type exhaust device to ensure that the discharge of toxic gases will not affect the ongoing scientific research personnel and accurate ventilation and purification channels, so that the Fume Hood The purification effect is the best.

Said the ventilation environment in fact there is a need to pay attention to the details, that is, the choice of Fume Hood, the first ventilation cabinet to achieve ventilation function, then the structure of the Fume Hood design is very critical, we must pay attention not too sealed, and some professional designers Through the calculation of some physical knowledge, to be able to design a qualified Fume Hood.

Second, the choice of Fume Hood is also very important, the current style of the whole cabinet, glass and wood, obviously wood moisture resistance is better, and the wooden feel will be quite good, the traditional Fume Hood will use wood materials, wood The relative price will be more expensive, especially some pure wood materials.

Now with the development of society, the requirements of the experimental equipment is also getting higher and higher, the production of Fume Hood business is also constantly improving, the first many conditions permit the laboratory will usually use imported Fume Hood, but recently with the domestic production The progress of the process, the domestic products and foreign not much difference in individual products on foreign products even as domestic.

So we choose when the Fume Hood can not blindly believe that foreign products, there is to be based on the size of the laboratory to choose the appropriate Fume Hood, because the specifications of this thing is not the same.