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The Biosafety Cabinet Introduces A Negative Pressure To Surround The Design Of The Positive Pre

Jun 15, 2017

The Biosafety Cabinet introduces a negative pressure to surround the design of the positive pressure

Biological safety cabinet After decades of experience, safety cabinet design has also been improved. In the modified A / B3 and B2-type biological safety cabinets have introduced a "negative pressure surrounded by positive pressure" design, that is, all the biological safety cabinet area (pollution area) are surrounded by negative pressure to prevent Due to leakage of the filter, sealing failure and other causes of leakage.

Use and maintenance of biological safety cabinets:

1. Safety cabinets should be placed in the primary clean room below 100,000. Operation should be opened before the UV lamp, light 30min, after the operation of all the items needed to move into the safety cabinet, to avoid frequent arms through the air curtain to destroy the airflow; and before moving into the surface with 75% alcohol wipe the surface disinfection to remove Pollution.

2. Open the fan 10min, to be clean air and air stabilized before the experimental operation. The arms slowly into the safety cabinet, at least 2min, so that the cabinet air flow after the stability of the operation.

3. Biological safety cabinet and the items have nothing to do with this experiment. Items should be placed on the back, not to block the airway, so as not to interfere with the normal flow of air.

4. Avoid cross-contamination during operation. To prevent possible spills, 75% alcoholic cotton balls or small pieces of gauze soaked with disinfectant should be prepared to avoid covering the cabinet with safety items.

5. In the experimental operation, can not completely open the glass window, should ensure that the operator's face above the work window. Operation in the cabinet should be gentle, soothing, to prevent the impact of air inside the cabinet.

6. Biological safety cabinet should be regularly tested and maintained to ensure its normal work. Work once the safety cabinet is found abnormal work, should immediately stop working, take the appropriate measures, and notify the quality manager.

7. After the completion of the inspection, close the glass window, keep the fan running 10min, while opening the UV lamp, exposure 30min.

8. Biological safety cabinet should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, 75% alcohol or 0.2% benzalkonium bromide solution can be used to wipe the work surface and the outer surface of the cabinet; after each inspection work should be fully disinfected.

9. The items used in the cabinet should be removed after disinfection of the disinfection tank to prevent the standard strains from leaving and polluting the environment, resulting in biological hazards.

Scope of application: Biosafety grade BSL 1 ~ BSL 4 samples, allowing samples to have strong volatile toxic chemicals, suitable for very dangerous, highly contagious, highly polluted samples, unknown viruses and so on.

With the progress of social science and technology, the company entered the era of microcomputer control, biological safety cabinet control system can be used to monitor the biological safety cabinet of the operation value, and timely detection of any failure and misuse, sound and light alarm to inform the user to take measures, And automatically take the appropriate chain security measures.