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The Cleaning Effect Of Fume Hood Achieves The Best Method

Jul 19, 2017

The cleaning effect of Fume Hood achieves the best method

Safety performance for Fume Hood is the need to guarantee a little property, because the already applied in the field of Fume Hood safe if a safety accident to experiment and scientific research personnel is catastrophic damage. In many unexpected situations, the result of failure of the Fume Hood or temporary collapse resulted in damage or injury to the laboratory. Therefore, the safety performance of the Fume Hood is a design element that needs to be considered.

On safety design, in addition to the regular replacement ventilation cabinet interior purification material warp and regularly clean the pipe, the appearance and internal design also need to consider, to make the design of the Fume Hood is more scientific and reasonable, must consider the elements as follows: the Fume Hood exhaust device should use slit type exhaust device, to ensure that the discharge of poisonous gas will not affect the scientific researchers are testing and accurately through the ventilation emissions purification pipeline, Fume Hood best purifying effect.

Said ventilated environment there is a need to pay attention to details, that is the choice of the Fume Hood, Fume Hood first to achieve the function of ventilation, the ventilation cabinet structure design is very critical, it is important to note that don't seal, some professional designers with some knowledge of physics, to design the qualified Fume Hood.

Second Fume Hood is also important to select material, is the flavor of the Fume Hood all steel, glass and wood, wooden obviously wave resistance is better, but also will be good, wooden handle traditional Fume Hood will use woodiness material, wood the price also will be relatively expensive, especially some of the pure wood material.

Now with the development of the society, the requirement of experiment equipment is becoming more and more high, the production of Fume Hood is also in the continuous improvement of enterprise, the first of many conditions allow lab usually USES the import of the Fume Hood, but these days with the progress of domestic production technology, domestic products and overseas no big difference between, on the individual products abroad than domestic products.

So everyone in the choice of the Fume Hood can not blindly believe in foreign products, and according to laboratory space size to choose the suitable ventilation cabinet, because this specification is also different.

The Fume Hood has a variety of material, some are all wood qualitative, have the steel wood material, have all steel qualitative, different material can apply to different environment. Some experiments on furniture material request is not high, will not cause great pollution to furniture, just need to select the material relatively weak some furniture, this kind of furniture is usually are cheaper in price, but also more difficult to maintain.

If the experiment is often contaminated with chemical reagents, in the course of the experiment, the experiment furniture has a special weight to carry, so you should choose the furniture with better quality. Generally speaking, the newly made material must be much better than wood quality, and it is not easily contaminated. Now many experiment equipment, furniture will choose the material of all steel, can satisfy the demand of a variety of experiment, also facilitate the laboratory to maintain a new face. The change of furniture material material is the inevitable that the industry develops, in ceaseless practice research, furniture industry also changes with each passing day. Furniture is getting more and more high-quality, but people's demands are getting higher and higher. Now there are experimental furniture made entirely of stainless steel, which is another innovation. All the experiment in the laboratory equipment, furniture, the most afraid of be in the long run, will rust corrosion, with stainless steel equipment, furniture, can let the lab under a relatively clean environment for a long time, can also ensure that all experimental instrument can improve service life. The development of science has new changes every day, also have a new and more beautiful and practical materials show in front of the world, will soon and there will be a new and more suitable material to replace now, so the appearance of the laboratory replacement is also very quickly.