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The Definition And Use Of Lab Furniture

Jul 10, 2017

The definition and use of Lab Furniture

Lab Furniture is the laboratory bench, including the ventilation cabinet and other Shanghai branch equipment companies, including all steel, wood, steel, aluminum and other types according to material classification. The mesa can use the board of board of 1000 si board, weisheng and other physicochemical board, also can use ceramic board or epoxy tree ester board, in order to achieve acid, alkali, wear-resisting and so on characteristic.

For biological, pharmaceutical, coating laboratories and clean rooms, thorough cleaning and disinfection is the first thing to consider function, which requires our Lab Furniture is easy to clean, disinfect and can longer stay clean characteristics. Ordinary steel and wooden furniture can hardly satisfy this kind of cleanliness requirement. Greenlab developed a series of all-stainless steel furniture to realize customers' dreams on the basis of fully considering the different requirements of the experimenter. As the industry's continuous development Lab Furniture industry continuously enters the market how to choose is very important, for example:

Product details

Experimental platform: platform, platform, platform, platform, platform, platform, platform, platform, platform, platform, platform, etc.

Experimental table panel: epoxy resin countertop, ceramic board table, corrosion - resistant chemical board mesa, thousandth board;

Ventilating cabinet series: the plate type is through the air cabinet, the steel wood fume cupboard, the new-type all-steel fume hood, the floor type all-steel fume hood;

Cabinet series: reagent cabinets, containers, Lab Furniture cylinders, safety cabinets, closet and shoe cabinets;

Reagent rack: plate reagent, steel glass central reagent, German reagent, waterproof socket, experimental stool;

The laboratory professional water bucket series: the washer, the emergency sprinkler, the laboratory special faucet, the laboratory special corker series;

Laboratory ventilation system: atom suction hood and universal suction hood;

Office partition series: desk, office chair, office space.

Using high quality brushed stainless steel as the raw material of Lab Furniture, it is equipped with perfect production process to satisfy your high requirements for cleanliness and intensity. The perfect combination of the stainless steel countertop and the steel cabinet with 25MM base board, and the requirements for cleanliness and load-bearing of the laboratory.

Lab Furniture safety knowledge

(1) the use of inflammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic chemicals and electrical equipment should be strictly followed in accordance with the operating procedures. Use electrical equipment should be especially careful, do not use wet hand to open the switch of electric switch. Don't use any electrical leakage equipment in case of electric shock. The electrical appliance should be cut off when used.

(2) no food or smoking is allowed in the laboratory. All chemicals are prohibited. Wash your hands after the experiment.

(3) when using chromic acid lotion, strong acid, concentrated alkali and other reagents that are highly corrosive, do not splash on the skin and clothes. In the experiment, when there is strong acid, poisonous or irritating gas, liquid, etc., should operate in the fume hood. When heated in a test tube, the test tube cannot be used to the person. Do not overlook the container that is heating.

(4) familiar with the location and use of fire fighting equipment. In case of an accident, Lab Furniture the corresponding measures should be taken immediately.

The washing of glass instruments

The clean glassware should be transparent, and the inner wall should be moistened by water and not beaded.

General vessels such as the beaker or reagent bottle, taper bottle can use tap water to wash first, and then rinsed in ordinary washing liquid prepared with washing powder, household cleanser, pollution serious when rinsed in hot liquid detergent or special detergents are available, and then rinse with tap water, with a small amount of deionized water finally rinsed wall 2 ~ 3 times.

Titration tube, volumetric bottle, pipette and so on, because its capacity is accurate, shape is special, should not use brush mechanically to wipe the inside wall. It is usually used to soak the inner wall with special lotion and then rinse it with tap water and deionized water.

Special detergent has hydrochloric acid solution, chromic acid lotion and so on. Chromic acid lotion is highly corrosive, highly oxidized and strongly acidic, and should be used carefully. In addition, hydrochloric acid - ethanol solution (1:2) is often used to wash the absorption pond, colorimetric tube and suction tube of colored solution or organic reagent.