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The First Chinese P4 Laboratory Was Officially Put Into Operation In Wuhan Recently

Apr 09, 2018

Recently, the Wuhan National Biosafety (Grade 4) Laboratory, a major cooperation project between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Wuhan Municipal People's Government, has successfully passed the National Health and Family Planning Commission's laboratory activity qualifications and experimental activities. , fully qualified for carrying out laboratory activities for pathogenic microorganisms with high pathogenicity. At this point, China's first P4 laboratory was officially put into operation. The laboratory will provide China with a complete, internationally advanced biosafety system. Chinese scientists can study the world's most dangerous pathogens in their own laboratories.

    The National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a qualification certificate for the laboratory, agreeing to carry out four levels of pathogenic experimental activities including Ebola and Nipah virus. This shows that China's first level four biosafety laboratory was officially established and can be invested. Substantial use. After completion, the Wuhan P4 laboratory will become one of the important links in constructing China's public health defense system, and it will also become an indispensable technology platform for the prevention and control of infectious diseases at home and abroad.

    The three major functions of the Wuhan P4 laboratory are to become the research and development center for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in China, as well as the collection center for severe pathogens and the reference laboratory for the United Nations stricken infectious diseases, as an important regional node in China's biosafety laboratory platform system. , play a central role in the national public health emergency response system and biological defense system and support the role of biosafety platform. The laboratory has established a team of facilities and equipment maintenance, bio-security and bio-security management, and scientific research support services. It will provide strong support for the normal operation and emergency operation of the laboratory management and emergency response system. At the same time, establish a high-level biosafety laboratory. Transparent and open laboratory culture.

    At present, Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is actively planning the construction of the Biosafety Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is planned to be established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Health Planning Commission, and the Hubei Provincial Government to fully integrate world-class high-level units in the field of domestic biosafety research. Biosafety cluster platform.

    It is understood that in 2003, the Chinese Academy of Sciences decided to start the construction of a four-level biosafety laboratory. Subsequently, the National Development and Reform Commission has incorporated it into the national biosafety laboratory system plan, and has become a large scientific engineering unit invested and constructed by the National Development and Reform Commission. At the end of 2012, the project completed the selection and procurement of civil engineering works and key facilities and equipment for the laboratory. In December 2014, the laboratory completed the installation and renovation of mechanical and electrical equipment. In August 2017, Wuhan P4 Laboratory, approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, was qualified to conduct experimental activities for pathogenic microorganisms with high pathogenicity. It can engage in the cultivation of Ebola and other viruses, and the operation of infected materials without culture; 2017 In October, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences held the International Training Course on Biosafety Laboratory Management and Experimental Techniques. The name of the Wuhan Virus Research Institute rang at the United Nations... This signifies that China’s national security is another “frigate” that officially sailed overseas.