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The Importance Of The Safety Manager Of The Laboratory Plan

Jul 06, 2018

The laboratory is the most important research area of an enterprise or a university laboratory. In order to maintain the property safety of the laboratory, many laboratories will set up a laboratory safety manager when conducting laboratory planning. Whether the research projects in the laboratory can proceed smoothly.

Because, when the laboratory is doing the operation, it will inevitably encounter many problems, considering the special characteristics of some laboratories: for example, the laboratory of the food enterprise testing/development type, if the number of people is small, the safety management of the laboratory is generally a part-time staff. Coordination, like a slightly larger lab, the company will select the right people from the existing formal team members in the lab to take on this role, and there are very few options for external third-party asset management companies or personnel to help manage security.


The duties of the safety management personnel of the laboratory are as follows: assist the laboratory director to do safety protection work, supervise non-conforming operations or factors that are not conducive to safety, and have the right to stop the operation that hinders safety and educate the illegal personnel. criticism. Holidays and prescribed time, we must comprehensively check and implement laboratory fire prevention and anti-theft security measures, and find that safety hazards should be reported in time to solve them. At this point, things are really quite a lot~~

So when you find the problem here, what problems do we need to pay attention to when considering the choice of the laboratory security manager?

For the laboratory, the first is the requirements for the expertise of the laboratory security administrator.

Laboratory planning operations are highly specialized areas, and safety management is a very complex and systematic work. Therefore, when managing laboratory safety issues, security management personnel need to understand both experimental operations and basic knowledge of security management, especially risk management. So it seems that this is a humble part-time role, not everyone can do it.

Many people have developed prejudice or wrong practices in experimental safety in the era of students and scientific research. Due to the pressure of the project and various complicated changes, they always like to take shortcuts. They feel that the safe procedures are too cumbersome and affect the efficiency of experiments. . This makes it difficult to avoid bringing your own misunderstandings when you help manage security at work.

If the safety management personnel of the laboratory need to work part-time, Xiao Bian here suggests that they tend to choose at least medium qualifications in the laboratory personnel, have a good mass base, and have experienced major changes and typical changes in the laboratory over the past year or two. The person in the accident acts as a part-time security person in the laboratory, because it is more convenient to deal with the problem.

After choosing a laboratory safety management part-time staff, we must also fully consider their subjective wishes and concerns. Because once you participate in a part-time job, you need to sacrifice a part of the already very well-prepared work, and to engage in a new and safe coordination with a certain pressure, this is a natural problem.

The laboratory manager must pay attention to listening and communicating to those who are willing or have similar concerns, such as implementing a six-year or one-year rotation system for safety coordination personnel, or regularly arranging different members to conduct laboratory safety inspections. Strengthening the safety awareness of all employees, and weakening the misconception that "security is only one or two people", these measures can alleviate the concerns of part-time security personnel to a certain extent.

After dispelling concerns, the laboratory manager must consider the emotions of the laboratory safety management personnel, so that the part-time staff understand that after they fully undertake the laboratory safety coordination work, they can bring their own growth. What substantive help.

The safety of the laboratory must not be neglected. Safety management personnel must have four major capabilities, that is, care, enthusiasm, perseverance and peace of mind. Laboratory safety issues should also be placed first in the laboratory planning. From time to time, the security incidents of corporate colleges and universities are always ringing alarms for us. The so-called fear of 10,000 is just a matter of time. Not only the safety manager of the laboratory, everyone should always be alert and avoid experimentation. Room accident.

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