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The Necessity Of Centralized Construction Of New Laboratory Projects

Aug 31, 2018

Laboratory construction covers a wide range of areas, including laboratory renovation, water supply and drainage systems, electrical systems, ventilation systems, HVAC systems, gas supply systems, pure water systems, animal houses, clean laboratories, and constant temperature and humidity laboratories. And laboratory furniture, etc., is a complex system engineering, with the characteristics of strong technical expertise, high degree of close connection, and difficulty in cross construction. Mainly in the following aspects:


1. Laboratory decoration: laboratory decoration is different from ordinary tooling. In the aspects of design, material selection and implementation, waterproof, anti-skid, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, anti-vibration and other requirements must be considered. Some precision water, electricity, gas, and special requirements for the use of the environment for design and construction. At the same time, the laboratory decoration is closely related to each sub-project, and it is necessary to comprehensively deploy and coordinate the laboratory's ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, electrical, fire, pure water, clean and gas supply to prevent building congestion. , misplaced, rational design, construction and management, making complex engineering orderly.

2, laboratory HVAC system: laboratory exhaust involves the safety and comfort of laboratory personnel, must strictly control the exhaust effect, noise and energy saving factors. Generally, in order to avoid cross-contamination of toxic gases generated in the laboratory, the direction of the laboratory airflow should flow from the low-risk area to the high-risk area. The airflow should flow from the office area, corridors, and other auxiliary areas to the laboratory to maintain the laboratory. The proper negative pressure ensures that the airflow in the laboratory is not leaked to the corridor. To ensure the effect, the VAV variable air volume exhaust system must be used. At the same time, it is necessary to take effective air-winding measures and maintain the appropriate negative pressure (5~10) pa in the laboratory, and the wind can not affect the indoor temperature. These are very different from ordinary office HVAC requirements.

3, laboratory clean system: The purpose of the clean laboratory is to protect the safety of laboratory personnel, to prevent infection with bacteria and viruses, to protect the safety of laboratory samples, to prevent pollution, and to ensure the accuracy of experimental results. The main points of construction include: reasonable layout of the process, setting up dressing, air shower and buffer room according to need, to achieve clear flow of people, logistics and sewage, avoid cross-infection: decorative materials should be easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion-resistant, dust-free, no Cracking, smooth and waterproof, cross-position to achieve arc treatment, seamless docking, air conditioning purification system should be conducive to laboratory disinfection and sterilization, automatic control system settings and energy-saving operation: clean air conditioning system, set thick, medium High-grade air filter, exhaust and air supply chain: the air flow is orderly, flowing from the clean area to the semi-polluted area and the contaminated area.

4. Laboratory gas supply system: Although the labor supply system has a small investment share, it has an important impact on the safety of the laboratory. First of all, the professional ventilation and explosion-proof measures must be taken between the cylinders. Secondly, the gas system must have leak alarm, emergency cut-off and strong exhaust. Third, in order to ensure the purity of the gas and the stability of the gas pressure, it must be carried out. The stage is decompressed and supplied with gas, and facilities such as purging and emptying of the gas path are set.

5. The professional construction of the laboratory is intertwined and interspersed. The decoration, water and electricity, exhaust, wind, air conditioning, gas supply and other majors must be carefully designed, coordinated and carefully constructed to ensure the construction progress and quality. In addition, the laboratory constant temperature and humidity, pure water, weakness and other professional also have their special requirements.

In summary, laboratory construction is different from ordinary construction projects, and has the characteristics of comprehensiveness, professionalism, and systemicity. It must be uniformly deployed, coordinated overall, and centralized to better control project risks from the source of organizational management. . Ensure the quality, progress and risk control of the project construction, as well as the requirements for the use of scientific research and testing after construction.

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