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The Old Driver Takes You Through The Lab Equipment Layout Skills!

Aug 06, 2018

The placement of laboratory equipment is very important for the laboratory. What are the scientific basis for the placement of the equipment? How can the laboratory equipment be operated without interference? BOKA will tell you how to properly arrange the laboratory equipment today. put?


1. Equipment should not be placed in a safety hazard

The safety hazards in the laboratory are nothing more than fires, gas and flood explosions. For equipment that is dangerous to store together, it should be stored separately. For example, equipment and electrical appliances that use water should be separated, equipment and flammable materials that are prone to explosion. Should be placed separately.

2. Equipment placement cannot affect its own operation

This phenomenon is mainly a balance. There is no problem for ordinary balances, but attention should be paid to the balance with high precision. Because he will be affected by the external environment, it is better to have a special balance room and install it on the platform to ensure the accuracy of the weighing results.

3. The use of the device does not affect the operation of other devices.

This situation is mainly for large equipment and valuable equipment. Generally, it is easy to cause stability of other equipment during the operation of large equipment, so this equipment should also be placed separately.

4. The equipment placed cannot affect the testing environment

This is mainly an environment where humidity and temperature are required. For example, a room with a temperature requirement for low temperature cannot be placed in an oven, and a room with humidity requirements cannot be placed with water and can be evaporated.

5. The use of equipment must not damage the environment

Many equipments are easily contaminated by the environment because of the specificity of their inspection items. They should be placed in a ventilated environment, such as a ventilated kitchen and a ventilator.

For laboratory equipment, the distribution is reasonable to ensure the accuracy of the test results. Before installation, it is necessary to understand their performance and service objects in order to reduce the risk. First of all, it should meet the fire safety standards, and then rationally partition the laboratory according to the nature of the laboratory, the experimental area, the office area, the living area, the experiment to distinguish the contaminated area, the semi-polluted area, and the best buffer between each partition. There are warehouses, water and electricity should be fully protected, there are waste and sewage treatment measures, there must be various protective measures and signs for the experimental personnel.

The test bench manufacturers need to have a good understanding of the laboratory furniture placement. In fact, this is also a part of the laboratory design.