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The Relationship Between Lab Furniture And Ventilation Systems

Jul 19, 2017

The relationship between Lab Furniture and ventilation systems

Everyone know inside is divided into: Lab Furniture test bench and tall ark, tall ark fume hood is very important in furniture, fume hood a obvious see words will know that there must be some ventilation, ventilation should be calculate in the ventilation system or Lab Furniture system?

Fume hood is generally used in the synthesis, chemical analysis room, physics and chemical office room inside, such as Lab Furniture hood will be because the experiment needs of customers number will differ, the normal one or two small laboratory around, I feel so fume hood can use simple 2 # small centrifugal fan can meet the requirements, namely can directly put the fan set in the ventilation, so I think the ventilation system can be incorporated in the Lab Furniture.

General medicine, chemical industry synthetic Lab Furniture hood number must be a lot of inside, so simple of 2 # small fan is certainly there is no guarantee that the needs of the exhaust air, because the increase in the number of air pipe, elbow, small fan directly on the ark set of ventilation exhaust air must be unattainable, then need to go to big fan, including big air pipe, elbow, tee, flange, check valve, fire electric air valve, manual valve, such as wind and ventilation frequency conversion system, some customers also meeting now includes PLC, VAV and CAV, etc, I think this should be ventilation system in a strict sense.

Finally, I think lab furniture and ventilation system are lab equipment, laboratory equipment and we are familiar with laboratory gas road system, laboratory purification system, instrument equipment and so on.

Lab Furniture home has a variety of materials, some are all wood, some are steel wood material, some are all steel, different materials can be applied to different environment. Some experiments on furniture material request is not high, will not cause great pollution to furniture, just need to select the material relatively weak some furniture, this kind of furniture is usually are cheaper in price, but also more difficult to maintain.

If the experiment is often contaminated with chemical reagents, in the course of the experiment, the experiment furniture has a special weight to carry, Lab Furniture so you should choose the furniture with better quality. Generally speaking, the newly made material must be much better than wood quality, and it is not easily contaminated. Now many experiment equipment, furniture will choose the material of all steel, can satisfy the demand of a variety of experiment, also facilitate the laboratory to maintain a new face. The change of furniture material material is the inevitable that the industry develops, in ceaseless practice research, furniture industry also changes with each passing day. Furniture is getting more and more high-quality, but people's demands are getting higher and higher. Now there are experimental furniture made entirely of stainless steel, which is another innovation. All the experiment in the laboratory equipment, furniture, Lab Furniture the most afraid of be in the long run, will rust corrosion, with stainless steel equipment, furniture, can let the lab under a relatively clean environment for a long time, can also ensure that all experimental instrument can improve service life. The development of science has new changes every day, also have a new and more beautiful and practical materials show in front of the world, will soon and there will be a new and more suitable material to replace now, so the appearance of the laboratory replacement is also very quickly.