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The Role Of Lab Worktops In Experiment

Sep 01, 2017

The Role of Lab Worktops in Experiment
  We see the above title to think of the inside of the laboratory there is a more important is the Lab Worktops, if not this thing I am afraid that can not be called a laboratory bar So that as long as the people who have entered the laboratory know that the laboratory which is a must for the Lab Worktops. And no matter what kind of laboratory, Lab Worktops are something that must be. Then the laboratory bench in the laboratory which is in the end what role is played, so that no matter what the laboratory which must have a laboratory work desk?
If you want to say that the laboratory bench in the role of the laboratory, then the first should be from the classification of the laboratory, because the different laboratories which have different Lab Worktops, and these different laboratory tables The role played by is not the same.
First of all is our ordinary laboratory, this kind of laboratory in the school where the majority of the place, and in these laboratories are mostly doing some basic small experiment. So the use of the laboratory table is also very common kind, is basically a kind of table with a drawer. So the most common laboratory bench, then the general is to play a thing and put the role of experimental equipment.
And in the biochemical laboratory laboratory bench will be particularly some, because this type of experiment will generally use a lot of reagent liquid this kind of thing. So the general above the laboratory bench will be equipped with test racks and other objects, when the experiment put those test tubes and the like. There are some Lab Worktops on the right will be equipped with a sink, installed in the laboratory when the streets will be water pipes. Such laboratory tables are also mostly in chemical laboratories or physical laboratories. Because such a laboratory bench is usually dead in those who often need to use the water of the laboratory, such a design will be very convenient when the experimental water.
 Central laboratory bench because the experimenter can be free to move around, traffic area is large, easy to evacuate safely. There should be a suitable safety clearance between the central laboratory tables, usually not less than 130 cm. However, if there are special equipment (such as gas cylinders, etc.) before the central Lab Worktops, there should be 160 to 180 cm clearance between the laboratory tables. As the operator of the adjacent central laboratory table is operated in a "back-to-back" manner, a partition screen may be added to the middle of the laboratory table channel, if necessary, from a combustible material to prevent chemicals from scratch personnel. At this time the distance between the central Lab Worktops should be appropriately increased.
As for the laboratory side table, should also meet the above requirements of the safety gap. In addition, the laboratory for the natural light, the laboratory should not be parallel with the external walls of the window, or when the experimental staff back to the window, the laboratory side of the table to produce their own shadow, and in the face of the window , Can produce dazzling light.
At present, the Lab Worktops are mainly divided into steel, steel, all three wood, consumers must first ask the manufacturers of product material, signed the contract must also write clear. Consumers in the selection of materials, but also in advance to do homework, or with the knowledgeable friends to identify, must not listen to the words of the manufacturers side.
Consumers in the choice of hardware accessories, should pay attention to material and other issues. Because the custom laboratory table if the poor quality of hardware accessories, Lab Worktops prone to derailment, not smooth, noisy and other issues, and good laboratory table slide will not vibrate, smooth texture.
Lab Worktops should be as close as possible to maintain its integrity, and should also minimize the engagement, and can not be connected in a longitudinal manner. Check whether the Lab Worktops has a trench below the outside edge, check the location and interface of water, electricity, air and duct, check whether there is a deviation from the design, and communicate in time to determine the final solution.
Lab Worktops installation there are some small details need to pay attention, such as the equipment surface do not place sharp tools to avoid scratches the surface of the equipment, patchwork or joints to be filled with sealant, contact with water parts to conduct waterproofing test, contact with corrosive materials Lab Workstops to use anti-corrosion materials, etc., the need for experimental staff and Lab Workops installers to combine to avoid unnecessary rework and material waste.