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The Status And Application Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Testing Room In The Industry

Apr 25, 2018

With the innovation of science and technology and the economic development of the era, there are also numerous manufacturers producing constant temperature and humidity testing chambers. According to industry statistics on the environmental market, environmental testing equipment can also be regarded as an information age. As an experimental equipment, high-temperature aging rooms are both designed and customer-oriented. Ideal equipment. At the same time to provide our customers with high-quality products, is a high-end product on the market, is also a common and most damaging basis for atmospheric high temperature testing, occupying the priority of the environmental field.

        A very important test verification project is the environmental reliability verification test, which includes: electrical performance/reliability verification, aging test, and transportation environment adaptability verification (random random vibration test, random vibration test, bare metal drop test, etc.) , EMC verification (power supply side disturbance voltage, radiated disturbance field strength, etc.), heat dissipation/noise verification, system life simulation test keyboard life test, LCD spindle life test, RoHS inspection, etc. The RoHS test is the EU standard. The RoHS tester uses its analytical principle of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to detect the heavy metal content of our manufactured digital products, including tablet PCs, and controls the heavy metal content to harm the human body and the environment. Within the scope, and many of our standards are higher than the national and international requirements, such as up to 42 standards for toxic and hazardous substances quality control standards is much higher than the RoHS standard.

       In order to ensure the performance of the products and ensure the quality of the products developed and produced by the company, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, and QC080000 toxic and hazardous substance management system certification. Different systems have different focuses. For example, QC080000 toxic and hazardous substance management system certification focuses more on environmental protection. However, there is only one purpose, namely product quality and safety.