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Three Stages Of Development Of Laboratory Ventilation Systems

Jul 18, 2018

The laboratory's ventilation system is the main project of the laboratory construction. Then, what development stages has it gone through? After reading the information in Xiaobian, some answers are obtained. Let's take a look at the friends who want to know~


The laboratory ventilation system has experienced three stages of development: constant air volume system, dual air volume system and variable air volume system.

1. The fixed air volume system exhaust fan adopts single speed fixed frequency fan, and the exhaust air volume is basically unchanged. The system can't adjust the air volume with the number of exhaust air cabinets and the opening height of the air exhaust cabinet door. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use the air exhaust cabinet with the system. More than three, the system has the advantages of small investment and simple control.

2, double air volume system exhaust fan uses two-speed fan, compared with the fixed air volume system has improved, but did not fundamentally change the shortcomings of the fixed air volume system, the system should not be more than 5 exhaust air cabinets, the current application is not much.

3. The variable air volume system exhaust fan adopts the frequency conversion fan, and the pressure sensor is arranged on the main air duct of the exhaust air, and the pressure measured by the pressure sensor is compared with the set pressure value, and the speed of the fan is adjusted by the frequency converter to achieve the purpose of adjusting the air volume. In the variable air volume system, the exhaust air cabinet adopts the surface wind speed control, and the infrared sensor of the sensing area is used to detect the presence or absence of the personnel in front of the air exhaust cabinet to control the wind speed of the cabinet facade. When the operator appears in front of the air exhaust cabinet, the infrared probe sensor output signal The wind speed of the exhaust panel is set to the high exhaust air volume mode. At this time, the wind speed of the exhaust panel is controlled at 0.5 m/s. When the operator leaves, the infrared probe sensor outputs a signal, and the wind speed of the exhaust panel is set. Set to the low exhaust air volume mode, the wind speed of the exhaust panel is controlled at 0.3m/s. When there is no one in the laboratory, the exhaust panel is set to the minimum exhaust air mode, that is, the duty exhaust mode is maintained. The negative pressure is maintained in the exhaust cabinet and the pipeline to ensure that the toxic and harmful gases are not exempted. Sometimes, in order to meet the minimum exhaust air volume requirement of the laboratory, the room should also be equipped with auxiliary exhaust air. When the exhaust air volume of the exhaust cabinet does not meet the minimum row of the laboratory When the air volume is required, the auxiliary exhaust air is automatically opened to ensure the minimum exhaust air volume in the laboratory. The system has the following advantages:

1 During the experimental operation, the opening degree of the exhaust cabinet door changes greatly, and the surface wind speed control is very reasonable. Compared with the traditional constant air volume system, the running energy consumption is saved a lot, and the impact on the operator's personal safety and experimental precision is affected. More favorable;

2 One system can have multiple exhaust cabinets, which can share one main pipeline, and the wind wells are concentrated, which is conducive to laboratory process layout and reduce soil construction price;

3 Because a plurality of exhaust cabinets use a set of exhaust system, in the actual working process, the exhaust cabinet cannot reach the maximum exhaust air volume at the same time. Therefore, a certain simultaneous use coefficient can be considered when selecting the exhaust air device and the main air duct. , smaller than the fixed air volume system;

4 Due to the concentration of exhaust air, it is easy to recover energy and exhaust air.

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