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To Share The Benefits Of Custom Medical Furniture

Sep 21, 2017

To share the benefits of custom Medical Furniture
 From the end result of the user experience, private custom Medical Furniture can better meet the needs of users, especially the hospital Medical Furniture is the actual measurement of the office environment and the actual use of the area; Second, the office Medical Furniture can also be purchased Cost budget to choose more cost-effective materials, styles and other custom Medical Furniture: a good process, the basic environmental protection can be guaranteed, can be customized to meet the individual needs.
1, the production site: the factory production workshop, there is no play in the production of Medical Furniture in the field of all the problems brought about.
2, the use of equipment: electronic open materials saws, paint room, the production level greatly improved, product accuracy, accuracy greatly improved; automatic edge banding machine, each piece of plate are done edge, and is surrounded by edge, Release of small harmful gases.
3, the use of sheet: MDF, particleboard, solid wood and so on.
4, the production process: the combination of artificial and mechanical, large electronic open saws, automatic edge banding machine use, so that a substantial increase in production capacity, saving labor time, a single product costs significantly reduced.
5, environmental performance: with the finished Medical Furniture is different from the first, most of the custom Medical Furniture on the use of the plate made a four-edge edge treatment, so that the role in environmental protection is to maximize the reduction of formaldehyde and other harmful gas unit time The amount of the release; Second, the current market, the first-line customization of Medical Furniture brands used in the market are some of the mainstream brands and international brands of plates, in the event of problems, active check.
6, product and decoration of the coordination: Orse custom Medical Furniture recommended consumer first design Medical Furniture, and then do the overall design, so that home improvement design to refer to the Medical Furniture program to do home improvement design.
7, personalized: This is the best custom Medical Furniture in the field, custom Medical Furniture to appear, is to meet the needs of customers more individual goods.
Hospital operating room Medical Furniture maintenance, in ensuring the quality of the hospital operating room purification process also plays a pivotal role. Data show that a hospital clean room staff suddenly fainted, the investigation on the one hand is the new wind heater before the effective filtration, the pipeline on the relevant parts have been seriously blocked, because there is no maintenance, so that no fresh air inhalation, plus air conditioning box Part of the fan out of the band, the total air volume and small, resulting in relatively clean room clean, weak people in the long-term hypoxia room will appear fainted.
    Another example, Medical Furniture a hospital clean operating room suddenly found a sudden increase in bacteria, can only stop surgery to be investigated. The results found a point above the filter has a visible eye loopholes. The technician believed that the loophole had already existed. The problem is usually on the filter did not check the leak system, if you often open the orifice check, this problem is not difficult to find, running the common problems and solutions, through the above discussion, we see, design, construction and maintenance Is to ensure that the hospital clean room quality of the Trinity, are indispensable. We only in the design to ensure that the clean room drawings of the functional rationality, in accordance with the drawings in strict accordance with the drawings to ensure clean room quality control process, in the usual clean room engineering attention to regular inspection and maintenance, Medical Furniture in order to ensure the overall quality control point of view clean room The quality of the project. [Negative pressure operating room solution] for patients with infectious diseases surgery, should establish a negative pressure clean operating room. Method: should be taken to increase the exhaust fan and other effective means to adjust the exhaust volume, so that clean operating room from negative pressure into negative pressure. Results: Medical Furniture In the clean area with air negative pressure to control the air flow, absorb harmful gases, clean indoor air. Conclusion: The use of negative pressure operating room can fundamentally control and solve the operating room air pollution problems.