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Ventilation Cabinet For The Treatment Of Organic Fume Hood

Jun 23, 2017

Ventilation cabinet for the treatment of organic Fume Hood
Organic Fume Hood treatment refers to the use of a variety of technical measures, through different ways to reduce oil consumption, reduce the amount of organic solvents or exhaust purification to eliminate organic Fume Hood pollution. Organic exhaust pollution sources are widely distributed. In order to prevent pollution, in addition to reducing oil losses, reduce the amount of organic solvents to reduce the generation and discharge of organic waste, the exhaust purification is currently feasible management approach. Commonly used methods are adsorption, absorption, catalytic combustion, thermal combustion and so on. Selection of purification methods, should be based on specific circumstances by the county selection of low cost, less energy consumption, no secondary pollution method, as far as possible to harm, full recovery of the use of ingredients and waste heat. In most cases, the petrochemical industry due to high concentration of exhaust gas, the use of condensation, absorption, direct combustion and other methods; paint construction, printing and other industries due to low exhaust concentration, the use of adsorption, catalytic combustion and other methods.
Most of the existing glass windows of the fume hood are slidably installed in the middle of the fume hood, which requires the operator to manually push it up or down, with inconvenient operation and time-consuming and laborious defects. Ventilation cabinet of the electronic control components are mainly to control the lights, fans and water, these electronic components need to manually press the corresponding control button to complete, but because the laboratory supplies are mostly chemicals and toxic and hazardous chemicals, It is inevitable that the hands will be exposed to harmful objects, long-term accumulation, the operator's health and long-term use of the fume hood caused a certain risk, so in order to minimize contact with equipment and supplies, need a kind of automatic control of the fume hood Windows, lights, fans of equipment and devices.
Speech recognition The composition of the fume hood mainly includes: microcontrollers (MCU), voice recognition module, wireless microphone, speakers, motors, chains, tempered glass windows, lighting tubes, fans.

Among them, the microcontroller, voice recognition module, speakers, wireless microphone receiver integrated in front of the right side of the cabinet on the side, the microcontroller and voice recognition module embedded in the cabinet, and the speaker and wireless microphone receiver exposed surface. The motor and drive chain are connected together and placed in the cabinet on the upper side of the glass window to drive the glass window to rise or fall. Corresponding to the wireless microphone receiver, the wireless microphone is carried on the experimenter. In the cabinet of the fume hood, each part: motor, fan, lighting tube through the respective drive circuit and micro-controller connected.