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What Are The Advantages Of Fiberglass Fume Hood?

Nov 03, 2017

What are the advantages of fiberglass Fume Hood?
Laboratory use one of the advantages of fiberglass Fume Hood:
Glass fiber reinforced plastic Fume Hood exhaust function, the most important chemical laboratory test occurred a variety of harmful gases, odor, moisture and flammable, explosive, corrosive substances, in order to protect the safety of users, to avoid laboratory pollutants Diffusion, use of fiberglass Fume Hoods adjacent to sources of pollution, FRP Fume Hoods are used in small quantities, only in extremely harmful and hazardous gases and large quantities of heat are used for testing.
Laboratory use of fiberglass Fume Hood two advantages:
Fiberglass Fume Hoods serve only as an adjunct function to the laboratory. Consideration should be given to improving the test environment and gradually shifting to Fume Hoods in laboratory tests, which requires the functioning of equipment that should be most suitable for use in FRP Fume Hoods. In particular, the new laboratory must be air-conditioned, so at the beginning of the design phase of building a Fume Hood using the digital to air conditioning system.
Laboratory use of fiberglass Fume Hood three advantages:
As glass fiber reinforced plastic Fume Hood occupy a very important position in the biochemical laboratory, from improving the laboratory environment, improve sanitary conditions, improve work efficiency considerations, such as the use of fiberglass Fume Hood with each passing day.
Laboratory Fume Hood and comfort air conditioning system ventilation design requirements, the main purpose is safe and comfortable working environment. Ventilation mainly deals with the physical well-being and labor maintenance of the laboratory staff in the working environment.
Laboratory Fume Hoods All the fresh air is from the outside, then 100% is vented outdoors and the Fume Hood exhaust is not circulating indoors. Request for ventilation in a chemical laboratory is greater than 10 times per hour, physical laboratory is greater than 10 times per hour, and ventilation when the laboratory is empty can be reduced to 6 times.
A part of the laboratory makeup air from the air conditioning system directly into the laboratory fresh air, the local fresh air based on changes in the amount of laboratory exhaust changes; another part of the air-conditioning system into the non-laboratory area of the walkway, the room after Laboratory door patch to give. Laboratory negative pressure through the send, exhaust air volume and send the exhaust port layout to complete the air from the office, management room, walkway, to the risk of the experimental material room. The location of the Fume Hood is located away from the air activity, large central turbulence, away from the walking area and air fresh air.
First, the laboratory Fume Hood to achieve the function of ventilation, then the laboratory Fume Hood structure design is very crucial, we must pay attention not to be too sealed, and some professional designers after some physical calculations to be able to design a qualified ventilation cabinet. Second, the selection of laboratory Fume Hood is also very important, now all the flavors of Fume Hood steel, glass and wood, obviously good moisture resistance to wood, and wooden feel will be good, the traditional laboratory Fume Hood will use wood Of the data, the relative price of wood will be more valuable, especially some pure wood information.
Now with the development of society, the demand for test equipment is also getting higher and higher. The companies that manufacture the Fume Hoods are also constantly improving. The first laboratories to accept the conditions usually adopt imported Fume Hoods. However, with the recent domestic production process There is not much difference between a domestic product and a foreign one. Goods on a single product are not even as good as domestic products.