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What Are The Common Hazards In Chemical Laboratories?

Jul 23, 2018

Chemical laboratories generally store toxic and harmful chemicals, which are flammable and explosive. Store high-pressure equipment such as pressure cylinders. This has caused many safety hazards in the laboratory, such as the layout of each space, the electricity used by the equipment, the ventilation during operation, the storage of high-demand medicines, the storage of expired medicines and wastes, and the treatment measures. Common hazards in chemical laboratories include:


(1) The experimenter is unfamiliar with the drugs and containers during the experiment, resulting in improper operation during the preparation process, making the reaction intensified and uncontrollable;

(2) Poor weather, such as floods, lightning, and other natural disasters, causing chemical leakage, chemical reactions, etc.;

(3) In most chemical synthesis experiments, violent reactions occur between drugs, such as strong corrosive drugs or strong alkalis, strong acidic reagents are easy to spill, corrode to the skin and even organs of the human body;

(4)) The strong corrosiveness of the drug may easily cause the container to be aged and malfunction, resulting in leakage of dangerous goods, resulting in personal safety and environmental damage.

(5) The laboratory's own conditions are simple and the space is small, and it is impossible to effectively divide the safe area. When the chemical cannot be 100% sealed, the gases react with each other and cause a fire or explosion when a certain ignition point is reached;

(6) The power supply lines and the electrical equipment in the laboratory are prone to aging. The fire generated by the heat or short circuit may cause fire or explosion when contact with the medicine with extremely low ignition point;

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