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What Are The Details Of The Steel Fume Hood?

Apr 12, 2018

What are the details of the steel fume hood?


All-steel fume hoods have always played their role in the lab, but did everyone really understand him? What does Friede tell you about the entire structural details of the all-steel fume hood?


1. Description of the shell: The shell adopts 1.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate in the CNC machining center, cutting, positioning and punching, bending and forming after welding. The epoxy resin powder after spraying and pickling is treated with high-temperature baking and curing. High adhesion, surface hardness, strong corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance.


2, the inner shell Description: Using 5mm

Gray, acid-alkali organic solvent for laboratory special anti-corrosion material. Detachable maintenance holes are provided for easy maintenance of circuits, waterways, and air routes.


3, Fluorescent lamp Description: Fluorescent lamp hidden in the panel, does not come in contact with the air flow in the fume hood, easy to replace. One 30W fluorescent lamp is used, and 5mm tempered glass is provided.


4, handle description: stainless steel matt handle.


5, guide plate description: mining 5mm gray, anti-corrosion material for the acid and alkali resistant organic solvents.


6, power instructions: The use of laboratory dedicated power outlets.

7. Description of the window: Aluminium profile with plastic profile frame, view the window using a single piece of 5mm safety glass, window can also be equipped with 3 pieces of 5mm safety glass, can be moved left and right, single piece and use no stage balance device, can move up and down, free adjust.


8, adjust the foot Description: The use of diameter φ10mm injection adjustment foot, shock, moisture, corrosion resistance, according to the indoor floor to adjust the height of the cabinet, the maximum adjustment of 0-30mm.


9. Hood Description: Use PP material


10. Distribution Box Description: Meet the 220V and 380V power supply requirements, leakage and motor protection devices.


11, control switch Description: 12V touch switch, centralized control of the entire circuit system.


12. Process description: After all the steel plates have been sprayed with epoxy resin powder, no solder joints will be visually formed. All water, electricity and gas lines require safety, application, and hidden installation. The service hole is set in the back panel of the cabinet.


13. The three deflectors allow harmful gases in different height spaces to be discharged from different sections. The fume hood exhausts the air in the fume hood at an operating surface speed of 0.5 m/s to ensure that no residual gas is present. The ventilation efficiency is high, the exhaust air volume is about 1800m3/h, and the noise is small.


14, the lower cabinet (general cabinet), door: 1.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel (double layer), non-welded connection with removable cushion. In the CNC machining center, cutting, positioning drilling, bending after welding forming, acid phosphating after spraying epoxy resin powder baking high temperature curing.