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What Are The Main Parts Of The Laboratory Renovation?

Nov 08, 2018

Relevant experts said that the renovation of the laboratory is generally similar to that of ordinary tooling. The main differences are: water, electricity, wind, materials, processes, processes and other special construction and selection.

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1, the waterway problem

The water used in the laboratory is generally: ordinary tap water, distilled water, that is, three distilled water, ultrapure water or ionized water. The construction of Sheung Shui is to consider safety and science as well as applicable. When you go to the water, you should choose the materials, that is, the water pipes and joints, according to the specific experiment. Also consider the separation of water and electricity, the environment around the water pipes, the direction of the waterways, and so on.

The launching of the laboratory is generally cumbersome, because the laboratory's water requirements and actual conditions, as well as the specific laboratory or laboratory environment, there is a big difference. The sewage in the laboratory can be roughly divided into: polluted water and low-pollution water. Low-pollution water generally refers to the condensed circulating water of some equipment and the wastewater that washes some containers. The range of polluted water is very general, corrosive water, such as acid, alkali corrosion water, organic matter corroding water, inorganic substances polluting water, and heavy metal polluted water.

2, the circuit problem

The use of electricity in the laboratory is a very important issue. Weak electricity, lighting, safety and laboratory equipment use electricity. Among them, the laboratory equipment and equipment use electricity as the main focus, because the laboratory equipment and especially the precision instruments, the principle of these instruments and equipment are mostly the role and reaction of the Lorentz force principle, that is, through the micro-change of the current, to control The change.

The power of laboratory equipment, the problem we have to solve is to control and reduce the variation of current floating, reduce or stabilize the value of harmonic changes, reduce or reduce the interference of magnetic fields and so on. If the problem of electricity can not be solved, it will cause disaster, which will cause damage to the instrument, inaccuracy or instability of the experiment, and shorten the service life of the instrument.

3, exhaust system problems

The exhaust of the laboratory is mainly to address the safety of the laboratory personnel and the needs of the laboratory environment. The venting wind in the laboratory mainly considers what environment requires positive pressure and negative pressure as well as constant pressure. The specific configuration depends on the specific nature of the laboratory to arrange the size of positive and negative pressure. The venting of the laboratory is not like the ordinary office change. Its wind path and guiding gas direction have very strict requirements. If the solution is not good, gas return and gas discharge will not occur, or the amount of exhaust air will be large in the laboratory, and the effect of changing the wind will not be achieved.

The specific nature of the laboratory is different. The required positive and negative pressures are different, and the air volume and the number of air changes are different. The specific nature of the laboratory is different, and the relative wind and absolute wind changes to be achieved are also very different.

4, laboratory material selection problem

According to different experimental properties, different materials should be selected to adapt to the special environment of the laboratory. If the corrosion is also seen to be acidic, alkaline, or organic. Of course, we must also consider the high temperature and low temperature environment of the laboratory. Some areas of the experiment may also take into account deformation, aging, flame retardancy, radiation, etc. of the material.

The details of the laboratory decoration attention have been briefly explained for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

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