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What Are The Requirements For Laboratory-specific Water

Dec 03, 2018

Laboratory water management is a serious problem. Most of the current laboratories use bottled pure water and ultra-pure water machine to produce water. However, due to the water source, the water quality of each brand varies greatly. The purification technology of the pure water machine is relatively simple, it is difficult to accurately control the water quality of the produced water; in addition, because the packaging and transportation time are not monitored, it is difficult to ensure that it meets the requirements of the laboratory water source, thus making the ultra-pure water machine consumables Frequent replacements result in increased usage costs.

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At present, some high-end laboratories and large pharmaceutical companies in China have adopted a central pure water system to ensure the scientific research water requirements of the laboratory, which can basically solve the above problems; the central pure water system can also increase management functions, such as: real-time monitoring of water quality, swiping water, Immediate water production, etc., has significantly helped the experimental work, and improved the laboratory management and provided a solid foundation for the standardized operation of the laboratory. More and more people and units are aware of the important advantages of the standardization of the central pure water system. effect.