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What Are The Risks Of Low-cost Laboratory Homes?

Oct 09, 2018

For a long time, the unreasonable bid price, the closest technical indicators and high customer satisfaction are the three main indicators for measuring the value of laboratory furniture purchases. In actual procurement, when the purchaser has difficulty controlling the technical demand, the price becomes the most important measure. Which supplier offers the low price and which one wins the bid.


For one point, the price is low, and the simple low-price bid is easy to cause the phenomenon of shoddy phenomenon and reduce the quality of laboratory furniture products. We must know that there are tens of thousands of fume hoods and thousands of them. Corporate purchases cannot be the most expensive to buy, but they can't buy the cheapest ones. They must be value-for-money according to the relevant standards of enterprise procurement.

How to achieve value-for-money procurement goals? First, we must strengthen the training of professional procurement personnel, master the laboratory furniture standards and product knowledge; second, we must strengthen the exchange between supply and demand, so that laboratory furniture suppliers fully understand the needs of buyers, Innovative supply and demand new model; third, scientific evaluation of cost performance, improve the evaluation expert business level.

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