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What Are The Specific Operations Of The Laboratory Layout?

Jun 20, 2018

In the layout of the laboratory, we need to consider a lot of issues, such as the height of the interior, doors, windows, etc., but many have direct and detailed instructions issued, so today, BOKA Xiaobian will have to follow everyone. What are the specific operations for updating the layout of the laboratory?

1, indoor high

The laboratory building height should be 3.7m-4m, the net height should be 2.7m-2.8m, and the laboratory net height of cleanliness, pressure gradient, constant temperature and humidity and other special requirements should be 2.5m-2.7m ( Excluding suspended ceilings; the net width of laboratory corridors should be 2.5m-3.0m.


2, open rooms

The standard cell bay of a conventional laboratory should be determined based on the width, layout, and spacing of the lab bench. The standard unit with parallel arrangement of test benches should not be less than 6.60m in opening distance.

3, deep

The depth of the routine laboratory unit should be determined by the length of the test bench, the fume hood and the layout of the experimental equipment. It should not be less than 6.60m. The depth of the fume hood should not be less than 5.70m.

4, window

Heating and air conditioning scientific laboratory buildings should be installed to reduce external window area under the premise of meeting the lighting requirements. The air-conditioned laboratory outside window should have good airtightness and heat insulation, and it should be installed with not less than 1/3 of the window area. The outer windows of the ground floor, semi-basement and basement shall be protected against pests and rodents.

What is a standard laboratory from the layout of space to furniture fittings?

5, door

Ordinary laboratory double door width of 1.1m-1.5m (asymmetrical open the door) is appropriate, a single door width of 0.8m-0.9m is appropriate. The size of the door opening for rooms with special requirements should be determined according to the specific circumstances. Laboratory doors should have observation windows.

6, safety spacing

The safety spacing of the island bench is generally not less than 130 cm. If a special configuration is required in front of the platform, the spacing should be set to a clear distance of 160-180 cm. If there is an adjacent laboratory bench, it must be in the middle of the bench channel. Add separate screens to ensure the safety of negative experimenters. Secondly, special counters like sky platforms and instrument desks should not be too close to the wall and 400mm from the wall is appropriate.

7, laboratory furniture layout

The center of the laboratory should be equipped with a central console that is operated on both sides. The central platform should be equipped with a bucket platform on the longitudinal side or in the middle, a reagent rack on the platform, or a universal suction hood; the left and right side of the lab should be placed against the wall or window, and the work should be performed. Taiwan, sky platform, hanging cabinets, fume hoods, washing stations, drying racks, medicine cabinets, storage cabinets, etc.; placed around the door safety equipment, such as emergency showers, eye wash, fire extinguishers.