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What Details Need To Be Paid Attention To During The Laboratory Research Process?

Jan 07, 2019

When researchers start to enter the laboratory, they must pay attention to all the details of their own, because the process of scientific research is to get a conclusion report, and any small details will have a certain impact on the report results if they are not paid attention. Let's take a look at this netizen's summary with Xiaobian. What details need to be paid attention to inside the lab to see if he has experience and need to give it to everyone.

1. Enter the lab to wear the overalls, don't be lucky, if you accidentally touch the acid, it is a small matter to burn a hole in your beloved clothes, and it will be troublesome to burn the skin. Don't be bothered, you must wear gloves to do experiments that are harmful to your body and be responsible for your own body.

2. Wash hands before and after the experiment. If you go to rest and drink in the middle of the experiment, wash your hands. Don't think that the experimental drugs are not toxic. Life is very important. Be careful. Also, if the hands are dirty, you may contaminate the experiment. Instruments and reagents, samples, cause experimental errors. When you are working, don't rub your hands on the white coat.

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3. Always operate in a fume hood when it comes to volatile or toxic materials.

4. Be sure to dispose of the waste liquid, sort it, and clean it in time. The toxic and harmful waste liquid should be marked with conspicuous signs. The discarded reagent bottles are discarded without washing. In case the used acid bottles are used, some people will pick them up. It is also dangerous.


1 A unit of personnel used a waste liquid containing a large amount of toluene as a chromic acid washing liquid (the two colors were close to each other), and they were mixed together, and immediately exploded, and then his eyes left scars.

2 In the process of treating waste liquid once, a bottle of unlabeled liquid was taken into the large waste liquid tank and exploded. Later, I learned that he poured phosphorus oxychloride, which will decompose when exposed to water, and the amount of heat will be amplified.

5. After closing the window to lock the door after work, the weather has changed in the summer, and the laboratory has a lot of chemicals, some are still strong acid, alkali, drugs. Pay attention to water before leaving the laboratory or before entering the laboratory. Is electricity safe?

6. I can't pick up the pipette and pour out the water inside. I don't think the habit is good. If the pipette is not water but other acids or alkalis, how good it is to get to other people's bodies.

7. When placing the rubber plug on the glass tube and the condensing tube, be careful not to use the force. Do not use this to cause long-flowing blood flow.

8. The experimental clothes must be fitted, and it is best to tighten the cuffs! It is easy to get into trouble with two big sleeves.

The above is the experience of laboratory researchers. You can take a look at the laboratory research industry or the upcoming research industry.