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What Do We Need To Know From Laboratory Construction To Laboratory Furniture?

Sep 04, 2018

Laboratory construction is a great project. BOKA will give you specific instructions from the laboratory construction to the laboratory furniture procurement stage. I hope to help you.

Commonly used projects in laboratory infrastructure construction are:

(1) The experimental bench includes a central test bench, a test bench, a side table, an instrument table, a sky platform, a medicine cabinet, a drug cabinet, a glassware cabinet, and the like.

(2) Air conditioning and ventilation facilities. In the new laboratory, all building areas are air conditioned. The ventilation system includes a fume hood (gas cabinet), an exhaust hood (fixed), a movable exhaust hood, an exhaust fan, and the like.

(3) Water facilities include laboratory basins, washing tanks, test faucets, etc.

(4) Safety facilities include fire sprinkler systems, inert gas fire extinguishing systems, safety cabinets, emergency showers, eye washes, etc.

(5) Gas supply facilities include gas supply stations, gas supply plates, gas plates and piping systems.

(6) Computer management network system. and many more.


After listing the requirements list, you have to choose the laboratory furniture equipment. BOKA reminds you to consider the following points:

1, health

The laboratory construction should be based on ergonomics theory, especially for the working habits and body conditions of the Chinese people. The design and rational layout of the laboratory should be specially designed and treated for the harmful exhaust gas and waste water that may be generated by the test equipment to ensure the health of the testers. Scientific design of the laboratory exhaust system to meet the requirements of international standards for laboratory air exchange rate and fume hood surface wind speed

2, security

Correct design, reasonable material selection and standard construction of laboratory furniture and media system; optimize the position arrangement of eye washers and emergency shower devices to ensure timely handling of accidents in emergency situations; fully consider the escape route to maximize Reduce life-threatening factors in emergency situations; use safety protection facilities that meet international standards

3. Environmental protection

Adhere to the use of high quality environmentally friendly raw materials

Focus on the design and treatment of dust prevention; pay attention to pollution prevention and other considerations

After considering the above points, choose another manufacturer.

1, do not just look at the price is cheap, many customers have chosen cheap laboratory furniture, but in the end many because of quality problems, had to re-purchase within a few months. Good laboratory furniture can last for ten years or more, and it can be good to use it for three to five years.

2, pay attention to the edge of the laboratory furniture, whether the seal is thick and firm. And the edge banding glue should pay attention to the smell, it should be environmentally friendly.

3, the board should be selected clearly, the paper used in the laboratory furniture is a little different, will be different purchase prices.

4, the countertop of the pool table must not use the veneer physicochemical board, otherwise the capacity is long-term intrusion by water and foaming off or cracking. 5, hardware accessories should also pay attention to, such as hinges, if not selected, may cause laboratory furniture is good, but the accessories are not good, affecting the use.

6, it is best to purchase directly with the manufacturer, and the selected manufacturers must have a guarantee and credibility after the sale, the warranty can be five years, do not choose three years.

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