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What Is A Food Purification Workshop

Jul 07, 2020

Structure of the food purification workshop:

   1. The purification workshop project is composed of central air conditioning and air purification system, which is the core of the purification system. Mainly control the number of dust particles in the workshop, adjust the temperature and humidity of the workshop.

   2. Air shower, dressing room and purification room are the three important components of the workshop purification system. The air shower is a passageway into and out of the clean area. The clean air flow can effectively and quickly remove the dust and bacteria brought by the human body. The purification workshop uses sandwich colored steel plates to isolate the space and walls, upper colored steel ceilings and epoxy floors.


   3. The air purification methods of the food purification workshop are as follows:

   Purification workshop should be equipped with air intake system, fresh air filter box, central purification air conditioner (central purification air conditioner should be divided into three filter sections: one, medium and high efficiency), and equipped with high-efficiency air outlet. If necessary, there are also cleaning and pressurizing boxes.

   The return air system of the purification workshop must be installed, the return air inlet, the primary filter and the intermediate effect return air box. Before entering the purification workshop, first enter the buffer zone, install an electronic interlock on the buffer door, and place a clean wardrobe and air purifier in the replacement place. People and items entering the purification workshop must transport small items through the air shower room, cargo shower room and transfer window.

The vertical laminar flow workbench, laminar flow hood (FFU), cleaning shed and self-cleaning device should be installed in the food purification workshop to reach the level of 10-1000. Cleanliness of clean room, laser dust particle counter.