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What Is A Mobile PCR Laboratory

Aug 11, 2020


The difference between the mobile PCR laboratory and the traditional PCR laboratory

      The PCR laboratory is also the gene amplification laboratory, whose main function is to amplify the genes contained in the virus and detect whether the infected person with a low content contains a specific virus. The traditional PCR laboratory has four working areas in the plane layout, namely reagent preparation area, sample preparation area, gene amplification area, and product analysis area. The airflow setting has no negative pressure requirements. The construction of the mobile new crown PCR laboratory is based on the construction of the traditional PCR laboratory, which combines the gene amplification area and the product analysis area, which is called the amplification analysis area. The biological safety laboratory level of the amplification analysis area is required to be level two, and the protection level is For the third stage, the airflow must be absolutely negative pressure.

Contents of mobile PCR laboratory configuration

      The mobile PCR laboratory is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the PCR laboratory using standard containers, and is equipped with a decontamination room, which is highly integrated with water, electricity, wind, equipment and other majors; the cabinet is equipped with lighting, ultraviolet lamps, cabinets, equipment, Refrigerators, etc.; the air supply pipe is integrally formed in the box and connected by special components outside the box; the exhaust is set separately, and the air column is integrated with the exhaust fan; when used as a vehicle-mounted laboratory, the drainage device adopts a collection device and passes the sewage regularly When transported to the site for fixed use, the drainage pipe is connected to the biological wastewater treatment tank of the unit. 98% of the construction work is completed in the factory, and only a flat site is required for transportation to the site, and the necessary water and electricity docking can complete the installation.