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What Is Involved In The Overall Laboratory Solution

Jun 15, 2020

  Laboratory preparation plan

The laboratory preparation plan refers to the planning of a reasonable laboratory design plan after the client and the construction party have communicated many times in the early stage of the construction. The plan includes the overall budget, the overall design of the laboratory, the positioning of the laboratory function, the laboratory Hydropower positioning, laboratory instrument configuration, laboratory furniture positioning, while conducting plan discussions, customers also need to understand the builder's qualification certification and technical capabilities (past cases), laboratory operation management.

    Laboratory construction

According to the "Feasibility Report on Preparing the Construction of National Laboratories", combined with the resource advantages of the laboratory industry, in the construction of the laboratory, the foundation and foundation construction should be done well. The overall structure of the laboratory should be solid and free of deformation, decoration The materials used are flame retardant and refractory materials, and the overall plan is to complete details such as hydropower location, water supply and drainage location, electrical construction, intelligent system, and ventilation system.

    Laboratory furniture solutions

    Procurement of laboratory furniture is the core of the entire laboratory. In the early planning, appropriate parameter requirements should be selected. The laboratory needs to be beautiful, practical and ergonomic. International laboratory furniture has become the basic pursuit of all laboratories, and the price is no longer the focus of comparison. Laboratory furniture is about the convenience of the future use and the efficiency of operation.

    Laboratory product technical service

    Laboratory product technical service is also an indispensable part of laboratory use. Laboratory product technical service includes product testing technology, calibration measurement technology, qualification certification service.

     A complete construction is quite complicated and requires the builder to proceed from the overall plan and arrange it reasonably. Basic measures such as ventilation, hydropower, water supply and drainage, heating, and air-conditioning purification should be done.