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What Is The Difference Between A Clean Cabinet And A Biosafety Cabinet?

Aug 10, 2018

How clean cabinets and biosafety cabinets work

Clean cabinets, also known as ultra-clean workbench, are widely used in industries such as biology, medicine, health, electronics, precision instruments, and meters. Provides a sterile, dust-free clean operating environment.

The structure and working principle of the clean cabinet: The main components include the cabinet, the operating table, the front panel, the fan, the static pressure box, the filter, the lighting, the germicidal lamp, and the like. The external gas passes through the fan zone, and the working area gas is positively pressurized to ensure that it is not contaminated by external gases. The clean cabinet can be divided into horizontal laminar flow and vertical laminar flow according to the flow direction of the gas. The specifications are single, double, single-sided, double-sided. , can also be used in series.


Biological safety cabinet

Biosafety cabinets are widely used in colleges and universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical factories, health and epidemic prevention units, etc. They are the main clean equipment for microbial experiment operations, which can prevent the possible proliferation of toxic and harmful suspended particles, and protect the operators during the experiment. Environmental safety also protects samples from contamination during operation.


Biosafety cabinet level

Level 1: Equivalent to the function of the detox cabinet with filter to protect the operator and the environment.

Level 2: Protects the operator, environment and sample at the same time, and is suitable for biosafety samples of grades 1, 2 and 3.

Level 3: At the same time protect the operator, environment and sample, the operating environment is completely isolated from the external environment, with glove box, full-tight operation, suitable for the experimental operation of high-risk samples.

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